Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Warm, Safe and Loved

We are very sorry for not posting. As you might know, we have been very sad. But we want you all to know that we are doing ok, and that I very much appreciate the cards, letters, emails and FB chats. You are all so very generous with your love.  I feel it, and it helps.

TK still looks for Squashies on occasion, crying out for her in the middle of the night for her. It breaks my heart, but it has become less frequent as time has gone by.

Pip has taken up a lot of the chores that Squashies was responsible for, he snopervises, sleeps with me and sometimes jumps on the vanity when I am "prepping". Most helpful of all, he plays with TK. They chase each other around in the evenings and play wand and dot games together with us. 

Unlike our last feral, Pip has no desire to go back outside. He never rushes the door when it is open.  In fact most of the time he runs away. I hope that means that he is happy.

We all hope that you all had a safe and joyous Holiday!  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It is Time

There are no words to describe this pain.
Our journey together must end for awhile.
And I must uphold our sacred trust.

The promise I made the day you claimed me.
That if your time came
I would put aside my selfish need of you.
To do what is best for you.
To walk the rest of the way, without you.

Oh how could one so small,
Have such a large impact on my life?
You taught me to purr when something feels good.
You showed me how to live in the moment
And to play with boundless joy.
But mostly you taught me that unconditionally love
can be openly and honestly returned.

And so, my little one, I send you to the Next,
With my deepest gratitude and total love.
Thank you for letting me love you.
Being yours has been an extraordinary gift.

I Love you sweet girl!

I will fulfill my promise to Squashies at noon today.

Update: at 12:32pm Squashies left this world for the next big adventure. God's Speed my little one.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Squashies Update

We had to take Squashies to the Emergency Clinic on Saturday.  After several hours they diagnosed fever and of course, anemia.  Her fever was 104.7f and her PCV was down to 16.

We are not sure if it's an infection or a result of the steroid withdraw, so we put her back on the prednisolone and started her on a broad-spectrum antibiotic.  The results have been good.  But we know that the long-term prognosis is not good if we can't find another Type B donor.  The donation is complicated because after 2 random donors, her blood will now require cross-matching.  So our small pool of Type B donors, is further decreased by the right antigen configuration.

We are still hoping that the interferon will go into high gear, and kill enough of the virus to have her bone marrow start producing her own cells.   But time is not on our side.

I spent the weekend with her, curled up on the bed. We snuggled, I sang some of her songs. I cried. I told her stories to remind her of all the good times and adventures that we've had together.  From the first moment she burst from her little cage at the rescue and stood on her tiny back legs to rub her cheek on my pants, claiming me as her's.  The changes in her relationship with TK as he went from a sickly kitty that she took care of, to a boisterous, insulin stable mancat.  The amazingly inventive games that she play by herself with her surrogate kittens, the "floofs".  All the days sleeping on my desk as I work and the nights we slept together, her making sure we were always touching. The great van adventures. How she always guards the door while I'm taking a shower, and our girl-times. To her ever vigilant snoopervising.

She's never asked us for anything, but to love her, and she gives her love back with her head-butts and a purr that sounds like a freight train.  She is such a integral part of my day, I can't imagine my life without her.

I pray that I can make the best decision for her.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween, efurrykitty!

Mine mommy not has lots of time to heps me posts, so just wants to say:
-We gets through HurryCane Sandy A-OK.
-Squashies is doing furry furry well.
-Me hopes all mine furends has fun with the Tricks or Treats. (Me not unnerstands this one, when me does tricks, me gets treats. Maybe today me not hasa do tricks, and treats flows likes the rain during a HurryCane!)

Remember to protect the outdoors kitties tonight, some beans hasa big mean!

Me loves your all, TK

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

Dee here.
I wanted to let all our furends know that we are doing well.  Our regular Vet has put Squashies on Interferon, and we are in process of weaning her from the steroids.  We have placed a literbox and water stations on all three floors of the house, so she doesn't have to do the stairs if she finds her energy waning.

The last week has been a good one for Squashies. She is alert, eating well, playing with her toys and gracefully jumping up on the high cabinet for her afternoon naps. Still, we aren't squandering our time together- every moment is precious.

Even though these are smartphone pics, with no attempt at creating appealing composition or lighting- I wanted to share them.

Squashies by the day-bed in my office.
TK and Squashies in the tree.
TK has been very attentive to his little sisfur.
"You may kiss my hand!"
"Is it lunch time yet?"

The young Master Pip-Squeak is fitting in nicely. He is a "get-along" kind of fellow and switches easily from rough-housing with TK and purring quietly near Squashies.

Pip (who isn't allowed outside,) sits next to TK while Squashies has some deck time.
He is also a little snuggle-bug. He follows me around the house and, whenever possible, he tries to put as much of his body against me as possible. I'm not sure if he feels safe near me, or if he is showing gratitude.  Either way, I love his exuberant affection.

I really want to thank all of our CB furends, you have been so gracious with your cards, emails, FB posts and Tweets.  Your thoughtfulness and support are a blessing.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

We are furry sad

I have some sad news regarding Squashies.

The specialist that did Squashies' bone marrow on Tuesday, called this afternoon.  The results of the aspiration were not good.  Although the FeLV and FIV tests have been negative 3 times in the last month, FeLV was found in her bone marrow.  The doctor said that it is most likely that Squashies fought off the virus when she was a kitten, which she got either before she was born or from her mother's milk.  He believes that her age and/or some other influence triggered it to active.  He also mentioned that it could be a sub-group that is caused by recombination of DNA cell structure. (It was a very technical conversation.)

We tested her blood again today, she still tests negative for the virus, so It is not outside of the marrow. Everyone agreed that she is not contagious, which is some relief given that she and the boys are quite close.

The dilemma I now face is heart-breaking.  The only ill effect the virus is having to-date is the lack of red blood cell development.  She does very well for about 3 weeks after blood transfusions.  But she has a rare blood type for which there is a finite amount in the US.   If we keep taking it, will some other little kitty, with a better prognosis, suffer?

I love my little girl...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

God's Speed, Jasmine

Our very dear furend, Marg, lost her sweet dog, Jasmine yesterday.  As hearts go, there is none bigger than Marg's.  She gives up a lot of personal comfort to make sure that her animal family has everything they could need and want. And of course, she loves them with all her being.

We hope you had a safe trip to the bridge, Jasmine, and that you are running like a pup in the tall grass. You will be greatly missed, until we meet again.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

God's Speed, Diamond

Our furend, Diamond, crossed to the rainbow bridge today. He was a cat of unusual intellect and charm.  A mancat of extraordinary writing talent, Diamond provided prose and poetry that melted in your mouth, and put a smile in your brain.

His posts, provided with the assistance of Lynettea, the person he kept about to serve his every whim, were witty and always in purrfect character.  It is obvious that he was very well and truly loved.

We are so very sorry, Lynettea.  We know that your heart is broken, and we purr that it will mend.

Diamond's 11th Birthday portrait
Diamond, we hope your journey to the bridge was a smooth one.  Until we meet again- fare well, my furend.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Special Day

Today, Otober 2, is Livestrong Day!
Me would likes to dedicate this post to all those that are fighting and have fought against that horrible disease, generically called "Cancer".

Me remembers:
Mine mommy's mommy, Mine mommy's daddy's mommy, Mine mommy's friends what was wif her when her was sick. To our friends Sarge who passed last year,  and our friend Poppy Vic whose recent death is a fresh wound to those that loves him.

We pray for those that have passed, and those that fight on, including Auntie Judi.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordy Wednesday- Me too!

Hello! Me not gets to post much acause of mine little sisfur's sicks.  But me is still here, trying to heps mommy wif all her scairts and stresseses.  Me has been a furry gud boy! When mine mommy goes to stay in ourVan at the hospital where Squashies was staying in ICU, daddy takes me to stays wif mommy so me keeps her company. Me even lets mommy cry all ofur me. Me just lick-licks her face and snuggles and purrs.

Mommy buys me a nip apple frum Nip & Bones acause me is such a gud boy!  Me likes to lick it!  Her buys lots of ofur toys too, but me likes this the best, and this is mine post!

Mine sisfur is doing gud, and her even cleans her furs a little bit.  But mommy still hasa brush her lots. Dis aprobably a gud thing acause Squashies is a little bit mad at mommy acause of the pills. But mommy now makes her a purrito afore the pill, dis makes it much faster so they not get fursterated.

Fanks fur stopping by, me sure misses mine furends!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Squashies Update- Days 6 and 7

I am feeling much better!  I sure thank everyone for all the purrs.
Mommy and Daddy took me back to the Hospital for a follow-up on Friday evening, and guess what?  My PCV went up 2 points all by itself.  The doctors say this is good news, but they weren't willing to say it was great.  Well I think it is great, because I feel really good.

I got up the steps all by myself, (Mommy followed me, so I wouldnt fall,) but I didn't need her to spot me. I can jump up on my tree and get in and out of my favorite litter box too!  The best is that I got to have girl-times with my mom, and I jumped up all by myself.

I still don't like to get my pills and do my best squirming when it is time, but both Daddy and Mommy are getting better at giving me my medicine.  This is good because the doctor says I will have to take these pills for a very long time.

So I wanted to show you something... Look I have a mitten!

I know it has been all about me lately, but I want to report that TK and Pip are getting along really well together.  They run around the house and play all the time.  I like this, because they leave me alone!

Thanks to all my furends in the blog world. I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful help and care you have give us.

Love, Squashies

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Squashies Update- Days 4 and 5

Tuesday night was a scary night for us. Squashies' PCVs (Packed Cell Volume) dropped to 8.  We held our breaths and prayed that the blood from Matt and Keeter of Blood Donors of MU CVM would get here on time.

By Wednesday morning, our girl was in pretty bad shape.  But at 8:30 am the FedEx truck pulled into the ER driveway, and Keeter's whole-blood was unloaded.  Shortly after they were hung and dripping into Squashies.

At 10:30 am the packed red blood cells (PRBCs) came in from Michigan.  It was decided to store these cells, in case we needed them later.

Dr. Kurtz said it would be best for Squashies to come home, so she would eat better and to give us some time to be with her while we waited to see if the Prednisolone can recover her mature RBC generation.  (We can't do a marrow test until she gets a little stronger.)

By 6:30pm, with a PCV of 21, Squashies was ready, and so were we.

After a bath, waiting to be discharged.

Crawled into mommy's lap, waiting to be discharged.

In her SleepyPod, waiting for Doctor Kurtz.

Riding home, watching daddy.

We have noticed some differences in her behavior. We are hoping that it from exhaustion and the Prednisolone and not from oxygen deprivation.  But she seems pretty happy to be home.

Last night was challenging. Squashies doesn't have a lot of energy so we have to be vigilant that she will not fall, and can get where she needs to be (food, water, liter,) without risk or stress. We set up the my office with all the things she needs, and offered her food and water every hour or so. I cried because I'm horrid at pilling her, and she gets mad at me. We're all just doing the best we can right now, in the hope that she will be better eventually.

Thanks to all our furends for purrs, grrrrs, calls, emails, tweets, FBs and connections. We have a shot now... We are happy to have our little girl here with us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Victor Mathew Adamus 1947-2012

Victor Mathew Adamus
December 27, 1947 to September 18, 2012

How can you be gone,
When I feel you so alive, in my heart?

How can the world keep going,
In light of what it has lost this day?

Rest is Peace, Poppy Vic- husband, father, grandfather, kitty-dad, and brave solider in the war on cancer. We are diminished by your absence. 

Comments turned off.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Squashies Update- Day 3

Squashies is hanging in there, her Packed Cell Volume (PCV) has been hanging at 12 since she started the antibotics and steroids.  This is good news, it indicates that the red blood cells (RBCs) are holding. (What type of RBCs is the big question.)

She had some troubles keeping her pilled antibiotic (Doxi) down last night, so they changed to liquid form. That seemed to stay in.

Eatting and drinking are problematic. She is so very tired. Dr. K  gave her some fluids last night, to make sure she doesn't dehydrate.

On the transfusion front- we have secured 2 units (60ML) of Type-B blood for her. Both are scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning. (Thanks to everyone that helped make that happen!)

Matt of Blood Donors of MU CVM, reported this morning that Keeter had completed her donation, and was resting comfortably.  If you have some time, please stop by and give her some love.

Thanks to all of you for your purrs, prayers, phone calls and emails. You are so amazingly good to me.  I will keep you all in the loop!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Urgent Request! Update- we found a donor.

If your cat has been blood typed, and is Type B (Rare but more prevalent in Asian British breeds,) we need your help.  Squashies is in desperate need of a transfusion. We can't find a Type B donor.

We will pay all expenses to bring the cat and you here to Baltimore.  With a very generous bonus for your time and discomfort. Call Dee @ 443-527-9226.

Thank you!

UPDATE: Breeds with best type-B blood chance: (Thanks Simba!)

UPDATE: 2012/09/17
I owe so many people my undying gratitude for getting us to this point.  It is amazing how well the internet works in the hands of tireless, talented and loving friends.

Thanks to Cheryl at Cats of the Wildcat Woods, and Matt and Keeter, of Blood Donors of MU CVM, Squashies will get her transfusion. All to buy her some time so that the wonderful docs at Baltimore Veterinary Emergency can figure out where all her red blood cells have gone.

There are so many other people that tweeted, facebooked, blogged and made phone calls to find us a donor, to offer their kitties for testing and to lend a supportive shoulder.  I promise to compile a list, but right now, frankly, I am running on fumes, and I don't want to miss anyone.

YOU FOLKS ARE AWESOME!  Please keep those purrs coming, Squashies is a tough little girl, but she needs all the help she can get.

If you get a chance, please stop by Blood Donors of MU CVM and hit the LIKE button.  These folks really came through for us.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Femme Friday- Purrs Please

I am not feeling so good.  Mommy took me to the V.E.T. and I have a fever of 103.7. So they did some blood tests, and my red blood cells are too few, but my reticulocytes (baby red blood cells,) are too many.  I'm very tired...

Oh! Sorry, I must have dozed off.

They did some X-Rays.They said everything is where it is supposed to be. The V.E.T. gave me some fluids and lots of shots, and now I have to take something to make me eat, and some antibiotics at home. I don't like pills... I am so very sleepy...


I have to go see a specialist on Monday, he's going to stick a needle in my bones, and take sound pictures of my belly. I don't think that will feel so good either....
Uh-Oh. I did it again.

I can't go up the stairs, I get tired after about 2 steps. Mommy carries me when I must go up... That's where my sleepy drum is, and TK and Pip are NOT!  She stays with me, brings me food and water, and carries me back down when I am ready...

I'm going to rest now... could you send some purrs for my mommy, please; she looks very worried?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Remembering a peach of a furend

We all lost a little dear one year ago. We are thinking of you and your family today.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

TK and Squashies' Gotcha day

Yup, 4 years ago today, we were gotted. It has been really fun so-far, and two days ago we gotted a little brofur from the outside. Me can not wait to sees what happens next!

Thanks for stopping by- Me is lucky to has such wonderfur furends!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Formerly Feral Friday- My Gotcha

Pip: hello...

TK: You have to speak up, little brofur, so efurryone can read you.

Pip: I don't know what to say...

TK: Juss tells about you, like why you lives wif us now.

Pip: But it is better to be quiet when bad things are about!

TK: Don't be ascairt! No one is gonna hurts you. Dis a nice place wif furry nice kitties. Them all knows this is our place, they not tries to take it away from you.

Pip: I am not scared!! I am an outdoor cat, we do not get scared!


Hello, my name is Pip-Squeak. TK says that yesterday was my "Gotcha Day".

TK: Pip, juss talks normal, me promises, blogging is fun!

Pip: Hello, my name is Pip-Squeak... and this is my story.

 A few darks ago Socks came in my territory again. He thinks that this yard is his, but it is not, it is mine. So we had to have a fight.
He scratched me some, but you should see him! I got him good. I won that fight!

After the fight, I was resting in my cabana, when suddenly the lady that always brushes and feeds me (TK says I should call her mommy now,) picked me up, shoved me into a big box, and zipped me in.  I can tell you outdoor mancats do not like this at all. Seriously, here I am defending the realm and this is the thanks I get?

Next thing I knew, the lady put the big box in an even bigger box, and it was moving! Then it stopped and the lady took the big box out of the bigger box and took it in an even bigger box.  I really was not too scared, the lady has always been nice to me. Then we were waiting, and the lady reached in a few times to scratch my chin, and I had to purr to let her know she was doing it correctly.

Then she moved the box. I got to get out and onto a table. There was a lady in a coat, and she stole some of my fur and stuck me with a needle. I was a gentleman, my lady was stroking my head, I am always safe when she is around.  The coat lady said I was too gentle to be feral.

And that is when everything turned bad.

Someone came in the room, I could not see my lady anymore. What was I doing here?  Then I showed them what a ferocious outdoor kitty could do. I finally saw my lady, but by then everyone else was attacking me, my lady look scared.

I put my ears flat, showed my teeth, pulled my claws out, and I fought.  I fought for hours, sortie after sortie. I used all my best cat-ninja moves.  I fought on the table, I fought on the chair, I fought on the counter with all the papers that flew in the air. I jumped from the counter to a cloth on the door, I hung 6 feet up, and I fought there as well.  All were defeated by my prowess!

Then I got jammed up in the corner...  There was a towel and gloves...

I won that fight too, but I decided to rest in the cell that they put me in anyway.  Then I went to sleep, and when I woke up, some parts of me were missing!?!  I took inventory from my head down, of the missing things- some fur on my shoulder, some fur on my back, some OH MY COD!?!  Where are they?

I was ferocious in my cell!  I attacked anything that moved, cat-ninja style. They even put a sign on the door that I was a wild-animal! You better believe that sign!!!!

Then my lady came and they shoved me in the big box again.

My lady took me out of the even bigger box, and put me in the big box that moves.  Then she opened my door and gave me my favorite chin scratches.  Of course I rolled on my back, so that she could serve me better.  And I purred so that she would know that she was doing it correctly.

Now I am at the big box that is near my outside territory.  I have met TK and Squashies.  They both give me my space, they know I am the toughest kitty on the block, though really they should be more scared of me than they appear to be. They even slept a few feet away from me last night. I am in their territory, and they do not seem to mind it. Indoor kitties are weird.

The big problem is that I can see my territory, but my lady won't open the door like she used to.  I'm not sure what to think... I do feel safe here. But my territory is so close.  Why is my lady not opening the door?  I will have to nap on this greatest of questions.
Pip- safe, warm and loved.

We just got the sad news that Emily, of ToSimplify, went to the bridge today. If you have a few seconds, please stop by. She was Glenn's furend for 18.5 years. He is furry sad.
Godspeed, sweet Emily!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pip-Squeek Prepares to have a furrever home!

As yous may know mine Mommy bin preparing Pip-Squeak to comes and lives wif us. It has been a slow fing, but mine mommy is furry pashunt.

Her challenges him juss a little bit effurytime. Her touches him, then her scritches him, then her brushes him. Always her gibs him yummy high-calorie foods. Acause him is so furry skinny.  Last month her starts to touching him wif two hands one either side of hims chest... prep'ing him to gets picked up.

This morning, her is furry glad she does all that...

When mommy comes down to feeds us ours' breakfast this morning, Pip was in him's house on the deck. When mommy takes him him's breakfast, him not come out.  Mommy looks in, and him was bleeding from several bites on him's legs, and a few cuts and abrashuns on him's body and head.  Him not gets up to eats.

So mommy gets mine carrier, is no more time for pashunts, is time to do.

Her puts on a coat (to protects her arms) and picks him up and puts him in mine carrier. He only fights a little bit. Then her and Pip is gone in the van. When her comes back, Pip is not wif her.

So mine mommy sais that the vet takes Pip in to the sticky room to checks him, and gibes him FIV and FL tests (that him passes,) and takes some blood and gibes him some anti-by-otecs. Him gets a full check-up, and all him's hurts gets a good looking.

Tomorrow him gets fixed, then on Fursday, if him's hurts are ok, him comes home to lives wif us furrever!  Me hopes him not hasa sad him not can go outside anymore.

Pip's last day as a Feral cat!

TK gives a Pip Update
The Vet juss called to sais Pip is out of surgery.  Her also sais him had to get all him's furrs shaved off acause him was furry beat up and her needed to sees. Him will hava stay another few nights so they can watch and him can has pain meds so him not hurts.

Me and mine mommy are going to bisit him at 3. (Me is juss bisiting Pip, right mommy?) So maybe her takes some picshurs and we updates you.

Mommy whispers- TK is going for his monthly check-up. Don't tell him, he gets scared.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We gots the sprit!

Ann of zoolatry makes our blog furry festive wif this grate banner. Me is sad we not can take part in all da wonderfur ebents, dis time. Mine mommy sais her was too busy at works to hep us do any of da ebents!?!

Her does lets us go bisit all da venues so we gets to see all the grate enteries.  Is furry much fun. And so much good work on da sponsor's part! (Mine mommy sais dis not so easy to bees a sponsor.)

So on another front- Toby, who is now called Pip-Squeak acause a) him has a tiny little sqeaky meow, and b) acause him actually answers to dat name, is coming in da house for short bisits to gets hims ebening brushings. (After me gets mine brushings, acause me is da mancat of dis house!)

Me closes dis post wif picshurs of each of us:
Pip looks up when mommy calls his new name!

Squashes sucks her fumb, acause her CAN!

Me, TK, prepping fur a good grass bomit! (Mooooommy!  Me finks mine grass needs a trim!)
Me loves you! TK

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello World!

Me is sorry me not posts lately. We is all doing gud. But mine mommy is furry not-so-gud at helping us blog.  Me shows picshurs of us.
Dis me, enjoying the cools while is hot out.

Dis Squashies, also in the cools.

Dis Toby, him still a little bit ascared to come in the cools.
Hasa great day!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Squashies' Update

Squashies just got out of surgery. The doctor removed a large blockage from the ear canal, and said that the drum is fine and that Squashies' hearing is good.

There was no growth.  Our little girl is coming home in a few hours.

Thanks again, for all your help, advice and support.  Needless to say, I am very happy.


Shhhh, I is sleepin!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Femme Friday

Auntie Judi hat!

Squashies and I went to see the V.E.T. yesterday evening.  This visit was so different from the last.  Last week she was so sick, she just let them do what they needed to do.  This time, she had the strength to bring her feral side.  Our tiny Squashies does not like to be handled. For a little kitty, she is strong, and she knows how to use the weapons that God has provided.

It is an interesting perspective between she and TK.  When TK goes to the vets all the tech has to do is roll him on his back and put a hand on his belly, and as long as he can see me, he does what he needs to do.  He doesn't like it, he sings a sad song to show it, but he never fights. Perhaps, because he goes so often, he has learned how futile it is to try to get away.

With Squashies, it is a completely different story.  The techs, (plural,) don leather gloves. The gloves that go up to their shoulders. And as if their presences is the ding of a bell, the purr-pleas for mercy end, and the wrestling match begins.

It breaks my heart to see her struggle.  Wide-eyed with fear, she executes strong, graceful body rolls, accented by screams of defiance. I worry. My being there adds no comfort to her, but I can't walk away for fear that the techs will get frustrated and use excessive force. They never have, but our little girl could try a saint's patience.

So I stay, waiting for the look of betrayal, that never comes.  I feel guilty anyway.

After getting Squashies locked-down, the doctor looked in her ear and declared that the swelling was down.  But, after several attempts to look more closely, it was determined that  Squashies would have to be sedated to see what was going on.

 So she is going in for surgery next Tuesday... I worry about the anesthesia, we believe she is around 14 years old, and it can be hard on the heart.  But there is no choice.

I pray that the surgery goes smoothly.
I pray that her hearing will remain intact.
But mostly, I pray that whatever is in her ear is benign, and she will have many more adventures with us.

TK here- Me juss heard that mine furend Artymouse is still not come home from her walkabout. While we is praying, we is praying fur her too!  Come home Artemisia, you are making your mommy cry!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Heartfelt Thank You!

We are so over-whelmed with all the purrs, grrrs and prayers sent from around the world for our little Squashies. We read all of your emails and your comments, and it made our hearts a little lighter, to know so many understand how hard it is when your furbabies are in danger.

On Saturday morning, when I went to take my shower, Squashies didn't come running for our ritual time together.  Thinking she was too sick to come, I was heart-broken.  I had a tearful shower, remembering our last Girl-time together.  She, on the throne, guarding the door while I was behind the curtain, then an incredibly graceful jump to the counter when it was time to get dolled-up.

I took her brushes down to the tree where she was sleeping; we would do Girl-time there.  When I went to brush her, she startled.  I realized she couldn't hear me... at all.

Squashies was deaf.

It was sad to see her so lost and confused.  She and I have always communicated verbally. She understands many sounds, such as the shower, meaning it will soon be "Girl-time" and "I'll be right back," meaning that she should wait for me, the rattle of the Temptations bag... BLISS.  And endless singing... we have a song for every event, and sometimes, such as our rendition of Old MacSquashies, she would join in.

We spent most of the weekend in her favorite place- the deck, where she alternately sunned herself and sat in my lap when she got to warm.  A quiet weekend, all too quiet for Squashies.

Relying on her nose, where her ears fail her

Resting in the box-of-lawn

Tired kitty

Inexplicably, last night, without visual stimulation, she jumped up when I opened the treat bag. The paw-power, and anti-inflammatory drops were doing their job! Our little girl could hear again.

Both she and I,are manic about this change of events.  With each passing moment her confidence grows.  We even had Girl-time this morning, with one small deviation. After several minutes of butt wiggling and doubtful looks at the counter, I lifted her over the cavernous space between toilet and 'catwalk'.  She didn't seem to mind.  Instantly she was "MAC, MAAAACing" away to Old MacSquashies.

 I thank you all again, for giving me this space to sort it all out, and for your understanding, which means the world to me.

Showing her up-side-down heart love for her furends.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paw Power, Please?

TKMom here.
We took Squashies to the Vet on Thursday night.  She had clear fluid trickling from her black ear.  This wasn't a total panic, she's had this before.  Apparently, before she came to be our little girl, she had a really bad ear-mite episode which left her canals pretty scarred.  But when the Vet looked in, she saw a 'growth', which she later called a mass, which she said would require surgery to remove.

The doctor said she couldn't tell exactly what it was, because of the swelling in Squashies' canal.  So I'm going to give her drops q2 for 1 week. This to bring the swelling down so the mass can be inspected properly.

Squashies is such a good little girl, and she's had a very hard life.  It just seems totally unfair that now that she's found a little happiness that this would happen.  She could sure use some good vibs.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Femme Friday

My Femme Friday picture, in honor of Auntie Judi, who is in our hearts and prayers.

Things have been quiet around here. We are enjoying our spring deck time!

Mid-day naps have been taken!
Box lawns have been lounged in.

Bellies have been exposed.

Birdies have been watched.

haha- me sneeks on your Femme Friday post!
 We hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend.
Love, Squashies