Thursday, February 23, 2012

To Simplify

Bak a few years ago, mine mommy decides her life was too much about works and not about... well life. Her decides she wants to travels a bit and given that her works from home, then there is no reasons she can't works from anywhere there is a innernets.

So her not wants to goes wif out us, but her is nervous that we not likes to travel wif her. So her goes on the innernets as looks up fur people what travels wif cats.

In her searches she finds Glenn's blog. Her is hooked right away. You see, Glenn decided that him not getting a happy by having lots of stuff, so he sells eberyfing him not needs and buys a van fur him and him's little cat, Emily.  At first him just stays around him's town, but then him starts 'sploring the country. So him and Emily goes anywhere they wants now. Him is very wise and him writes very good.

So why me tells you all this?

Well today is Miss Emily's 18th birfday. And me hopes you will stops by and wishes her a happy birfday so her feels the love of the Cat Bloggiesphere!

Happy Birfday, Miss Emily!