Friday, September 9, 2011


Mommy not has lots of times to help us Blogs. Seriously kitties, she is staying up all the nights typing, but not fur our blog. Sometimes she starts typing slow, then she gets more of that brown stuff, what Squashies likes to try to bury, then she types fast again.

So we begs her acause we not wants to miss MoCats Day.

So here are some highlights of things what has been going on:
When we goes to BlogPaws we meets sweet Teri, Disco and Brighton riding in their strollar, (Teri was pushing, she not fits in the strollar,) and they gives us our very own "Curlz and Swirlz" swag bag fulls of such wonderful stuffs. Redmousie has been very lonely acause they gives us a oranj swirly thing what is yarn just like redmousie, only i can throws it up in the air and pounce it.  Is my mew favorite toy!  We gots lots of cool things in the bag, even some of that brown stuff what Squashies likes to try to bury just fur Mommy. Mommy takes picshurs but she hasa wait til work is not being stoopid to get them out of the camera.

At the BlogPaws I was in a interview fur the it was very good, cept after about 10 minutes I was done being held by the pretty ladies and wanted to go splor more, so  I just gets up, and leaves.  Dis the advantage of walking on a leash, I can walk Mommy where ever I wants to go!

So asides from BlogPaws, way backs on August 28, our resident funny lady, Wendy, LOL'ed us!  We just love all her LOLs and spends some time this morning going over the posts we has missed.  Is a gud way to cure the blues this rain has put on us.  Thanks you fur making us funny Wendy, you are special to highlight all the kitties!

Wendy's caption: Their home may be mobile, but TK and Squashies are definitely not!

Wendy's caption: How far the 'mite-he' has fallen!
Hopefully Mommy's big project will be done soon and we can have her back to ourselves.

Happy MoCats Day furends!