Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Warm, Safe and Loved

We are very sorry for not posting. As you might know, we have been very sad. But we want you all to know that we are doing ok, and that I very much appreciate the cards, letters, emails and FB chats. You are all so very generous with your love.  I feel it, and it helps.

TK still looks for Squashies on occasion, crying out for her in the middle of the night for her. It breaks my heart, but it has become less frequent as time has gone by.

Pip has taken up a lot of the chores that Squashies was responsible for, he snopervises, sleeps with me and sometimes jumps on the vanity when I am "prepping". Most helpful of all, he plays with TK. They chase each other around in the evenings and play wand and dot games together with us. 

Unlike our last feral, Pip has no desire to go back outside. He never rushes the door when it is open.  In fact most of the time he runs away. I hope that means that he is happy.

We all hope that you all had a safe and joyous Holiday!