The Journey

 This our story, best I can remembers it.

April 23, 2008
So one minute we were at home with our friends, and the next we were in our V-E-T boxes in the car, going who-knows-where. The longer the ride got, the more I got worried. We should have been to the V-E-T by now. Where the heck were we going?

I could hear Squashies in the other box, meowing all tough-like, but I could tell she was as scared as I was; and every time she mewed Pops started making noises like he was crying, which only made me more scared, he never cried… like almost ever. So I figured Pops and I were taking Squashies to that place they took the one of the kitties last year, when she kept having a sick all over the house for weeks. They puts her in the car, and drove away. They were gone a long time. When they came home, Pops was snuffling, and the kitty was gone.

I thought that was pretty harsh really, I mean sure, Squashies spits-up some pretty impressive hairballs every once in awhile, but she doesn’t barf all over God’s green earth like the other kitty did.

Then I started to think about that time I ate that plant and all the barfing I did… HEY!!! WAIT!!! HOLY-CRAP!! I won’t do it again I promise!!!

April 24, 2008

So it turns out we were both being left behind. Pops was crying, I mean sobbing crying… but he left us anyway. I don’t think he’s coming back.

It’s not so bad here. I share a cage with Squashies, but she’s so small, its not such a big deal. The gushiefood is great, and I don’t have to fight off the other cats to get my fill, and we get out a lot to play too.

Still, I miss Pops and the other cats… I wonder what they are doing right now. I sure wished I hadn’t barfed on the floor.

April 25, 2008

There are a lot of people coming and taking the other cats away. One of the cats that has been here awhile says that they are going to new homes, with toys and lots of places to run, play, hide and sleep. He says mostly the kittens get new homes. I guess nobody wants two old kitties like Squashies and me.

April 29, 2008

Something weird happened today. I mean, to be honest, it’s happened before, but when I was home with Pops it wasn’t so scary, because it was safe. So anyway, I was just hanging out in my cage, chatting with one of the other older cats when suddenly I just wasn’t hearing what he was saying. Like I blacked out or something. Good thing Squashies was there, she stood in the front of the cage until I could think again. Then she licked my head for me.

August 18, 2008

So this nice lady came in and the rescue-lady let us out of our cages. Squashies was rubbing all over the lady's legs and jumping up and doing the cute thing. Me- I saw this as a prime opportunity to stick my paw into the other cat’s cages and snag some gushiefood.

Squashies’ short-coming, other than the fact that she’s so freaky short, is that she doesn’t really like to be picked up. So when it was time to do the cuddling I stopped eating and did my part. Truthfully, I was surprised that she could pick me up, my being 22 lbs of luscious kitty flesh… But she held me like she wasn’t going to drop me, so I started purring and did the rubby-facing that gets me face scratches.

So we cuddled for a long time. I could tell she was liking me, and to be honest, she was a great snoorgler. I started wondering if this was one for us or if she had just come to help the rescue-lady play with us old cats for awhile.

Then she puts me down.  I felt so sad that I didn't even try to get some more gushiefood before they put us back in our cages. But then she scritches my head and tells the rescue-lady that she wanted both of us.  THEN she said "Squashies got my attention, but Tiny is the deal-maker."

Imagine that! An old cat like me! A Deal-Maker!