Wednesday, June 26, 2013


In the cat blogging world there are legends, there are icons, and then there is Skeezix.  His blog is in a class that transcends these labels.  He lived and wrote with honest innocents, and eager enthusiasm.   His antics took him all over the world, and he did everything with a sense of joy, with no regard to how he would be perceived.  His innocent happiness burned through the blog pages and into our hearts.  It made him our hero.
We could learn a lot from this little cat.  He lived his life fearlessly!
 If you are new to the cat blogging world, missed this blog or simply want to relive the awesomeness that this little guy brought us- I urge you to get a beverage, and start here.

The Friends of Skeezix is having a  Memorial Drive.  Donations will be made to a shelter charity of Skeezix's family choice.

Thank you, Skeezix, you are amazing.  I bet you have them laughing at the bridge.