Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter, efurybody!


Dis our Easter baskets that Auntie Ann makes fur us. Me is in front acause dis mine blog. Mommy says we gets to eats the eggs after efurryone sees us in our baskets. Me bets our Auntie Ann puts treats in them fur us, like her puts in her nice bags fur us when mommy goes to her luncheon.

We is having fun in Florida!  I gets to walks on my leash efuryday acause a mancat needs to checks out him's territory even when him is travelling.  There is so much to checks out!
Me finding a cools.

Pip prepping to attack his favorite wand toy, in the cat tree in ourVan.

Me and mine brofur sleeping togefur. (Previously seen on FB)
Me hopes evfurrybody has a great Holiday.

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Visit with Maggy, Zoey and Ann, a Portrait of Angel Squashies

Hello, Pip here.
We are in Florida!  In fact we have been in Florida for a whole month.
It has been furry cold in Florida, but is still warmer than it is back home in Maryland.  They have had lots of cold and snow at home.  I don't like the snow or the cold, on account that I had to live in it fur 2 whole years before mommy convinced me to live with her and daddy and TK.

It has been a hard adjustment fur me. I was so ascairt, I spent the first three days UTB. Then I heard mommy tell daddy that she was going to cancel the trip and take me back home, so I wouldn't be ascairt.  So I came out for a while so she wouldn't do that.  Then I came out more and more.  First I would hide when peoples walked by, but then I figured out that no one but mommy and daddy would come in the van.  Now I am out all the time! (Peoples still scairt me. I'm not tell you why! But you would be ascairt too!)

This is me in our Van, sitting on mommy.  Look at my BIG mancat paws!
So first mommy got to go visit Maggy and Zoey. It was a furry nice luncheon that Maggy and Zoey's Mommy, puts together so my mommy gets to meet all the Florida friends.  There was Angel Max, Bugsy and Knuckle's HH. (and flat Max!), Angel Sniffie, Angel Tamir, Ellie, Allie, Raz, Clifford and Cubby's Mom (and flat Raz!), and even Auntie Elinor cames, which was furry special because she is furry sick. *Purr, Purr, Purr, Purr*.

This is a picture Auntie Ann  made of all the attendees.
 While at the lunch Angel Max's HH mentioned that she is doing a new series of paintings called "Cats in Motion" and she wondered if mommy had any pictures that would work.  So mommy came home and looked at her thousands of photos of all of us, and sent a few to her for consideration.  And guess what?  She did one of
Angel Squashies!  She is so talented.  And guess what else?  Mommy got the picture to hang above Squashies' ashes on her desk, where she can see them all day... when she is at home.

HH paints Squashies
Mommy and daddy have been doing lots of stuff. Daddy has played lots of golf, and mommy has done lots of work (LOL).  They went to an airshow, and took an air boat ride, and saw lots of birds. Birding is a hobby of mommy's and she added lots of new birds to her bird list.  (Birding is a hobby of TK and mine too, but I don't think it's the same thing at all.)

TK and Pip, birding in Florida
And then, Maggy and Zoey stopped by to invite us to lunch!  They were furry nice and didn't want to scairt me.

Maggy and Zoey visit me!
So then mommy and Zoey and Maggy's mommy had a wonderful day together.  They had lunch and went shopping and chatted and chatted like sisters. My mommy had such a great time!  Before mommy knew it, the day was over.

We are going to be very sad to leave Florida.  But this is not the end of the trip!  Mommy is going to take the Van to Huntsville, AL to visit her sister for a week.  And then we are going to have another visit with a mystery Blogger, that has TK's tail quivering. (Can you guess who?)

You all have a safe and happy Holiday.
Love, Pip-Squeak

Update: Pip's closing didn't make it on the last posting.