Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winter in July Wednesday

Hello Bloggie Furends, TK here.

Our furends from Kat's Corner is sponsoring a "Winter in July Wednesday" thing. I thinks dis a very good idea to makes us feels cooler when we has the hots. So I thoughts I shows you a corner of my domain in all the seasons.





Monday, July 26, 2010

Mancat Monday

Hi Bloggie friends, TK here with my Mancat Monday Post.  Well after 4 strait days with the hots over 105F, I'm happy to sais that today we gets a cold-snap. That's right it will only gets to 95F today. I thinks I hasa break out my winter furs! 

Yesserday it gets very dark in the middles of the day. The sky was green! I not knows that could happen.  Then the winds blows and the boomies come too.  I is not a coward, but I was worried that mommy might be ascairt so I crawls in her lap and puts my head under her arm.

Mommy sais we gets lucky, the storms not hit us directly. We purrs fur all the peoples not so lucky.

So after the storm, we goes on the deck and then we has crabbycakes fur the dinners. We gets some too, but Squashies not want hers, so I heps her eatted it.

So in bloggie news: our friend over at Kat's Corner is gonna has a Winter in July Wednesday challange this Wednesday.  I thinks this be good to makes the hots seem less hots. So if mommy has time to gets it together, we is going to participape. We hopes you will too!

Has a great Monday Bloggie Friends!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A moment of affection (Or "she had toona juse on her head")

Hello Bloggie Friends, TK here to shows you that I is not always mean to my little sister.  OK so this only happen once, early this springs, and mommy got so surprised she not even sets the flashybox up good. But here is da proofs.
TK licking Squashies' head
And then we curled up, almost nose-to-nose, in our right beds!

I just wants to show you- Has a grate day Bloggie Friends!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mancat Monday

Hello Bloggie Friends, TK here with my Mancat Monday posts.
We wants to thanks our friends that sends purrs to Cousin Jim's fambily.

So this weekend mommy makes it up to us that she has to be gone so much last week. She stays home with us all weekend. After chores on Saturday, she spends the evenings wif us on the deck. It was a wonderful time. I thinks she was really reading hers book, not watching birdies and skuirls with Squashies and me, but is ok, sometimes she watches wif us.

So here is the question of the week:
Why is mommy sitting on her 'distressed' stool that Squashies uses to jump up on the desk?

As daddy sais "On your feet, lose your seat"

Friday, July 16, 2010

Femme Friday

Hello Blog Friends, it's me Squashies, with my Femme Friday Post!

It has been a very slow week here at the house, cause mommy has been doing fambily stuff with her daddy for two days.  She says a very speshul man, who helped take care of her daddy when his mommy died, went to the bridge. She seemed very sad.

Rest in Peace, Cousin Jim.

We sure miss mommy when she is not here.  But daddy has been taking good care of us. (and he gives us more treats than mommy does!)

So we got a very speshul thing in our email the other day. It seems that Sammy and Andy's mama made a beautiful hat just for me!  I think I look fabulous. I don't know how she makes a hat for me without even measuring, but as you can see it fits purrfectly.  I think I shall never take it off! Thank you Mamabug. You are incredibly talented to make hats for all the girl kitties, and very sweet to think of me.

That's all I have for now, sweet friends. We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mancat Monday

Hi Bloggie Friends, it's me, TK, here for my mancat monday post!

Well Zombie Mombie finally makes the mistake she always worries bout- she knocks my insulin bottle on the slate kitchen floor. It breaks, of course. It didn't really stands a chance.

The problem is that it was 6am on Sunday. So then she has to waits for the farmacy to opens to get more. And I not had my shot.

Usually, when it is time to eats, mommy takes my bowl to the TeeVee room and sits on the couch so I can jumps on her lap to get my shot, then she puts my fud down in my spot so I can eats.  But this time she just puts my fud at my spot. I not knows what to do, so I just sits at her feets and waits for her to sit down, like always. So then mommy looks at me curious and she sits down so I can jumps up.  She gives me a cudddle, and puts me back down. Then I eated.

Then she leaves and when she comes back a long time later and I gets my shot and a TREAT!

Have a good day Bloggy Friends!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Femme Friday

Hello Blog Friends, it's me Squashies here with my Femme Friday post.

This week TK only ate my food twice. But once he ate it all before mommy noticed.  I don't mind too much, I know his diet is very hard on him, and mommy gave me some new food to eat.

In other news, I have been taking antibiotics for a month now for a little infection. Usually the medicine comes in a liquid that mommy would have to squirt down my throat. When it comes to forcing us to do things we don't like, I think mommy is more unhappy than we are, so Dr. Segal said we could try pill-pockets.  She chopped human pills into EIGHTHS. Can you imagine? They were very small pieces. She's a very special doctor!

For three weeks everything went well. Mommy called the pockets my "before-dinner-treat", and I didn't mind even though I knew it was medicine. The pill-pockets are salmon flavor and very yummy, so I let her get away with it. Then on Monday, when I was eating my "Treat", something went wrong and the pill-pocket got stuck on the roof of my mouth. I was very scared. There was much drooling, scratching, and meowing.  Mommy finally helped me get it unstuck and it ended okay. But after that I will not eat those pill-pockets ever again.

For the last 4 days mommy has been sitting me on her lap and shoving pills in my mouth. Neither one of was happy about this turn of events. I tried to be a good-girl, but it was really hard. 

So anyway, yesterday was my last pill so we are all very relieved.

In other news- remember the hungry deer mommy that was eating daddy's bird seeds? Well as I was writting my post, she brought her fawns to the feeder for the first time! Here are some pictures mommy took.

That's all I have for this week friends. We all hope you have a great weekend!
Love, Squashies.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hi Bloggie Friends, it's me TK!
I goes to the V.E.Ts today. It was very hot outside and in the cars, and I was a little bit ascairt, so I was panting when we finally drives over. But I was trying to bes brave.

Mommy has to carry me in to the V.E.Ts cause she worries that the parking lot was too hot for my feets. It was nice, I feels safe when she holds me, even though she is a little bit hot.

When we gets in she takes me right to the scale where they weighs me. And guess what? I losses more weight! In the last 4 months I looses 9 whole ounces!

Then they holds me down and steals my furs and then my bloods. I not likes this part at all. But I was a good-boy and just lays there and sings my sad song. But guess what? My Glucoseseses was 102. I think that is good, mommy sure looked happy.

So then when they is finished, mommy gives me a treat for being good. So I thinks it's all over- but then they steals my toenails too!

What I wants to know is why they not weigh me after they steals all that stuffs from me? I bet I loosed another whole ounce.

Dis me relaxing after all the tramas. Don't I looks skinny?

So one other thing is that we adds Rewards to our bar. So we can thanks all our friends for the rewards they gives us.  We like to thanks Tigger and the Teach for thinking of us when they gets their Beautiful Blogger reward we is very honored that they likes us!

Tomorrow is Squashies' Femme Friday, so I'll wish you all a good weekend now!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mancat Monday

OK so it is Tuesdays but I not going to miss my Mancat Monday just a'cause mine mommy not helps me post yesterdays. 
So dis me lounging on the day bed in mommy's office trying to stay cool.

I'm sure you won't has a suprised that it's hawt here. So we all tries to keeps cool as best we can.
This morning, when my mommy was watering my lawn with the spouty bucket, I suprise her by jumping in the box right under the waters. It feels very good to gets cool. Then I sits in the wet lawn and trims my grasses. Mommy is sad she not has her camera when it happened, but she figured you has seen enough picshurs of me in my lawn.

We hopes you all stays cool, (or warm if you is on the Poppy Q's side of the quator.)

Mommy wants me to sais:
Happy 34th Birthday Auntie Ellen, we miss you more than words can ever express.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Femme Friday

Hello Bloggy Friends, it is me, Squashies with my Femme Friday post.

It has been a very busy week here at our house. Mommy is working a lot, which means that TK and I have to help her as best we can. 

We still start our day, after breakfast, on the deck.  I like this time the best. When mommy gets done washing the bird bath and watering the plants and TK's lawn, I sit on her lap, or crawl on her shoulders while she takes her tea and reads for a bit.  This morning I did a little accident. I didn't mean to, but you see, this bird landed on the railing... I got so excited I put my claws into mommy in my haste to get it. She says she is ok, but I never made her bleed before, and I feel bad.

So in other news-TK has been doing a lot better about trying to eat my dinner, and only did it half-heartedly 3 times this week.  He really loves when mommy says he is a good boy. I sure hope he gets it right all the time, because we both get treats when he is good.  Mommy says I'm always good, so I shouldn't be punished by not getting treats just because I never do bad stuff. I think this is a good way to think!

This is a long holiday weekend here in the US, and mommy says this means that she and daddy will go visiting on Sunday.  She promises to be back in time for our medicine, so I guess we will let them go.

That's all the news.
Thanks for being patient with us while mommy gets her work done and have a happy and safe holiday weekend everykitty!

Love- Squashies