Friday, July 2, 2010

Femme Friday

Hello Bloggy Friends, it is me, Squashies with my Femme Friday post.

It has been a very busy week here at our house. Mommy is working a lot, which means that TK and I have to help her as best we can. 

We still start our day, after breakfast, on the deck.  I like this time the best. When mommy gets done washing the bird bath and watering the plants and TK's lawn, I sit on her lap, or crawl on her shoulders while she takes her tea and reads for a bit.  This morning I did a little accident. I didn't mean to, but you see, this bird landed on the railing... I got so excited I put my claws into mommy in my haste to get it. She says she is ok, but I never made her bleed before, and I feel bad.

So in other news-TK has been doing a lot better about trying to eat my dinner, and only did it half-heartedly 3 times this week.  He really loves when mommy says he is a good boy. I sure hope he gets it right all the time, because we both get treats when he is good.  Mommy says I'm always good, so I shouldn't be punished by not getting treats just because I never do bad stuff. I think this is a good way to think!

This is a long holiday weekend here in the US, and mommy says this means that she and daddy will go visiting on Sunday.  She promises to be back in time for our medicine, so I guess we will let them go.

That's all the news.
Thanks for being patient with us while mommy gets her work done and have a happy and safe holiday weekend everykitty!

Love- Squashies


  1. Squashies,
    It's OK about the clawr accident. Mommies know that these things happen. We have all done it.

    It's good that TK isn't trying to gobble your food as much. You eat as slowly as you like; it's better for your digestion and you don't have to work so hard to get your whiskers clean afterwards.

  2. Oh Squashies if your Mommy says shes ok shes ok she understands. Just be more careful next time ok. Have a wonderful weekend you two

  3. Hi are absolutely beautiful today. Mom said to tell you she still has a scar on her left wrist that Milky-Way gave her. You know underneath where the skin is tender. He was sitting on her lap (100% lap kitty unlike the Diva)something startled him his back claws dug into Mom....she said she bled and squealed like a stuck pig. Wish I could have seen that. MOL. They still have the cat-combs at our local pet store.
    Happy 4th....hugs Madi

  4. Squashies, that's a particularly stunning photo of you!

    We wish you all a wonderful and safe long weekend!

  5. You are such a gorgeous gal, Squashies!!! Wishing you and TK and your beans a fantastic 4th of July weekend.

    We plan to feature you on our Femme Friday in a couple of weeks....if all works out as planned. :)


  6. What a picture Squashies, beautiful! I hope you have a safe and quiet 4th of July!

  7. Hi Squashies! You are such a cutie! And oh it is too bad about the little accident. But don't worry because the mom's always know when you aren't doing it on purpose - it happens at our house too!

    It is good that TK isn't taking your food as much anymore - because we think you should both get lots of treats!!

    Have a great holiday weekend!!

  8. We have those accidents a lot, and of course no one can resist a birdie on the railing!

    You look extra beautiful today, Squashies!

  9. Awww sweet Squashies!! You are a darling and a gorgeous femme Friday! Well done you and TK for being helpful to mum and dad!!! Of course you didn't mean to have that accident - you are too adorable!!:-)

    Have a lovely weekend too and me and Charlie hope you and fabulous TK and your mum and dad have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!!

    Take care

  10. Squashies, you are just such a lovely, purrty girl! And we hope you all have a very Happy and Safe 4th!

  11. O mai goodness! What a gorgeous photo of you, Squashies!

  12. Squashies, that is a fabulous picture of you sweetie.

    Happy 4th to you and the family.

  13. this is really nice that both of you help your mom
    every day. yes, good thing let her and dad go out on Sunday. You two can find something to get into -er, I mean, someplace to take a nap while they are out.

    Miles is a real scratcher. Mom looks like she got in a fight with a rose bush. She keeps trying to clip his claws but she just gets more scratches..

    Enjoy your week-end, You are really pretty, Squashiepuff!

    bonk and bonk

  14. You sure are a beautiful kittie. I'm sure you did not mean to hurt your Mom, just be really sweet to her.

  15. We saw you at Pierro's and thought we'd drop by. Cute blog.

    I wouldn't worry about a dropped claw too much. Blame the bird!

  16. Squashies, that is a very beautiful portrait of you! Do not worry about the little accident; these things happens. And moms understand.

  17. Squashies, you are looking beautiful today! We don't think your mom is mad you about your little accident...of course, you can blame it on the birdie!!

    Have a great weekened!

  18. Squashies, You look so regal and beautiful in that photo. Mommy knows the claws were an accident and she loves you unconditionally! But I don't really have to tell you that, do I? You and TK have a good holiday and don't let the loud noises scare you! So glad you visited my garden! Come back anytime.
    Love, Beth and Gracie and Tortie

  19. you look gorgeous Squashies.

  20. Hi Squashie! I accidentally clawrd Momma before too. . . . because I'm kind of nervous. She understood, and I'm sure your mommy did too. Have a great weekend!

  21. What a beautiful picture! (I claw my Mom a lot, on purpose though :). ) Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

  22. You look very pretty today Squashies!

  23. What alovely photo of you Squashies! be carefu with your claws next time. Happy 4th to all.

  24. that is quite an update. wunnerful photo of you today, squashies!!!

  25. Hi Squashies!

    We used to feel bad about clawing our Mom, but she says it's her fault that she hasn't trimmed our claws in a while - well, that takes the blame off of us!!!

    That's great that TK is taking your food less - maybe there's hope for Simon yet!

    Hope you had a Happy 4th!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  26. Tigger has given you a "Beautiful Blogger Award." Hope you don't have one already!

  27. Oh Squashies, your picture took our breaths away today!