Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hi Bloggie Friends, it's me TK!
I goes to the V.E.Ts today. It was very hot outside and in the cars, and I was a little bit ascairt, so I was panting when we finally drives over. But I was trying to bes brave.

Mommy has to carry me in to the V.E.Ts cause she worries that the parking lot was too hot for my feets. It was nice, I feels safe when she holds me, even though she is a little bit hot.

When we gets in she takes me right to the scale where they weighs me. And guess what? I losses more weight! In the last 4 months I looses 9 whole ounces!

Then they holds me down and steals my furs and then my bloods. I not likes this part at all. But I was a good-boy and just lays there and sings my sad song. But guess what? My Glucoseseses was 102. I think that is good, mommy sure looked happy.

So then when they is finished, mommy gives me a treat for being good. So I thinks it's all over- but then they steals my toenails too!

What I wants to know is why they not weigh me after they steals all that stuffs from me? I bet I loosed another whole ounce.

Dis me relaxing after all the tramas. Don't I looks skinny?

So one other thing is that we adds Rewards to our bar. So we can thanks all our friends for the rewards they gives us.  We like to thanks Tigger and the Teach for thinking of us when they gets their Beautiful Blogger reward we is very honored that they likes us!

Tomorrow is Squashies' Femme Friday, so I'll wish you all a good weekend now!


  1. So glad that the visit to the vet had positive results even if they did steal a few things from you. Take care!

  2. Oh, the hated and dreaded v-e-t! Ugh! We're glad things went well, in spite of the blood work and toe-clipping!

  3. We're sorry you had to go to the vet, TK, but we're so glad you got great news about your health and your weight!!YAY!!...We think you look fit and super handsome, sweetie!...Did you guys ever pick up the Happy Cat Award from us last month?...Sending hugs and kisses x3 sweet, beautiful boy...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. We wonder what the vets want all the kitties toenails and furs for. Maybe they are trying to build new kitties. We are glad your visit went well.

  5. Awww TK!!!! You are a very brave kitty!! Well done you and your mum!!

    Me and Charlie are glad that all is ok with you - you look very adorable and gorgeous as always!! Take care now.


  6. Well I sure am happy that your visit went well!!!

  7. LOL at Eric & Flynn's comment!

    TK, we are happy you got a good report card from the v-e-t. We are silent when we are at the v-e-t, we prefer to sing our sad songs in the car on the way there and back...Mommy says it's more like torturous caterwauling. Whatever.

  8. Congratulations on the weight loss! Going to the V.E.T. can be very traumatic and you were very brave. After Momma took jane to the V.E.T. she had to take an aspirin and lay down for a while....Momma, not jane.

  9. We're glad that vet visit is over for you, TK!! And you are looking very svelte there!!!

    (I hadta go to the vet today too...and they stole some of my bloods too!! But I said I was a really good boy!!)


  10. It sounds like good news; except for that stealing of the fur, blood and stuff. We don't like those bits either.

  11. I do a little growl at the vets too, especially if she dares to bruch my pantaloons. Mum threatens me with a Brazilian for the summer all the time.

    Glad to hear you are all healthy and slim TK.

    Poppy Q

  12. Yoo look very gorjuss and skinny! Well done!

  13. TK, you are very brave! And I am very impressed with your weight loss.

  14. I am glad you got a good report from the v-e-t TK! That makes me happy. You are very thin now!

  15. TK great VET report....I have to go this month too for my annual and they will be stealing my blood too. Last year my VET told mom after 7 years of age they do a Senior Blood Panel so that they have a reference. Well I for one am not sure how they intend to get Senior blood out of a frisky female 8 yr old feline. MOL
    We have the very same comforter on our bloggie today

  16. TK, So glad that traumatic visit is over! You were a good boy and you sure are a pretty boy! Give Squashies a kiss and tell Mom you deserve an extra treat!