Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Man-Cat Monday

In honor of my innernet hero Kismet, who invended Man Cat Monday, here is my mancat pose.  My paws not as big as his, an my whisker humps not so big either- but as you can see I beats the stuffins out of dat vishus maus!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hello Blogs.  I promised I would tell about myself. So I thought I would tells you about "Team TK". 

When mommy first gets me, we was very happy.  I gots many toys and mommy played with me lots.  But then one time we were playing with my strings toy and suddenly my backend just plopped on the floor.  Mommy was worried. I tells her it just happens sometimes.  But she say it shouldn't happen. So a few days after she gets us she takes me to the VETS to get tested for stuffs.  They found out I has the diabetes.

At first I think mommy was ascared that she wouldn't be able to take care of me. But then that night, while I was sitting on her lap cuddling, she said she promise to take care of me best she can, and no matter what she not throw me away like my other mommy and daddy did.  She said we was a team and if I would help, we would work together so we can gives me the best life I can has. She said we were "Team TK".

That was the start of the team, but lots of other peoples had to be added so we can make it work.  Daddy was the first to signs up to help.  Mommy works at home but sometimes she has to leave to has a sleep-over with the cly ants. (I not know who those are, but whatever- they should get their own mommys.) So on those times Daddy gives me my foods and my shots and plays with me, and takes me on walks.

Daddy and TK on the front stoop after a walk.

So the next peoples we needed was a great doctor. Mommy sed she needs to find a special VETs. One that would be as dedicated to the team as we were.  So she check around on the innernets and talked to other kitteh peoples in the area.  They all recommends Doctor seagull. So she calls them and they says "Yes we would be a member of Team TK!"  Mommy was very happy.

Mommy says that Doctor Seagull is very smart but I'm not that impressed.  Everytime I goes they says that has to get Venius blood. I looks that up on the innernets and I knows they aren't ever going to find Venus blood cause I am a man-cat, I only has Mars blood!

Anyway, I mentioned that I'm a big cat, but I'm also very strong- meaning that its hard to get me to do what I don't wants to do.  And the one thing I hate, above all others, is to get my blood drawed.  So they has to wrastle me.  But they very good and even though I fights, they never hurts me.

Dr. Siegel (left) of Metropolitian Cat Hospital. 
She and her staff are an integral part of "Team TK".

 You might notice that i has my harness on in the picture.  That's cause I don't go to the VETs in a box.  I walks on my leash. Peoples and the other cats at the VETs thinks this very unusual, but it works good for us. I don't likes to get in the box, which gets me anxious, which makes my blood sugar get all weird.

TK walks to the VET on his own 4 feet.

So anyways, that's my team- all for me! Since the 18 months the team has been assembled I has lost almost 2 lbs and my blood sugar is down 250 points. Maybe Doctor Seagull is pretty smart after-all!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hello Blogs.  I'm Tiny- everyone calls me TK, cause, well... I'm not so tiny.  Anyway dis mah blog.

So I wants to tell you about me, cause this is supposed to be about me, but right now I has a big worry-worry about my innernets friend Kismet (who doesn't really know who I am, but still he's like my heros...)  Him has a borked hart.  So I can naught think of anything else.

So dis me- saying prayer to CC that he get his medicines working real soon so he can gets back to being the model fur all da big man cats, like me.  We's purring for you Kismet!

Sneaking a picture in!