Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sammy, Andy and Mama

Kool Seniors Kitty Klub Badge
Hello Friends, TK here.
We has a  proud to announces that Sammy and Andy has invited us to belongs to their "Senior Kitty Club". We are very happy to be recognised as mature kitties.

Their Mama is very talented and she makes us these badges so we can shows all the other kitties that we is very smart and wize.  If you are a smart and wize older kitty you should sends them your picshur so you can has badges too!

You should go sees their post today, mama makes a beautimouse colle.. colla... lots-of-picshurs-in-one-picshur of all the Klub members so far.

Dis how you does it:
If you are EIGHT (8) or older and would like to have a badge to display on your blog, send pic of yourself to

Cow Kitty Badge
Hi this is Squashies, TK is letting me do this part because Andy is having his mama make badges espsecially for white kitties with spots, just like Andy and me. He is calling it the "Cow Kitty" badge. Isn't that a great name? He is such a wise and handsome kitty.

Andy says that a cow kitty is:
"A type of black-and-white bicolor cat is nicknamed "cow cat" or "moo cat" (for a perceived resemblance to Holstein cattle). It has big black patches over a mostly white body, often with a black mask over the head."

This is how you can get one:
To be considered for Andy's "cow kitty" badge, you must be:
 1.  Predominately other words have a lot more white than black on your body.

 2.  Have black patches on your body
 3.  Can have black markings on the head and face.
 4.  Tail can be black.

Send a head and body shot to
Note that Andy's mama will be cropping the pictures to a face shot for the actual badge.

We just love these two kitties and their mama. They are so very sweet to everyone. It's fun to belong to clubs!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We gets a Happy reward!

Our sweet friends over at Katnip Lounge gives us this reward. It's called "The Happy Cat" award, and is given to kitties that trys to look at the bright side of life.

The only thing that the awardees need to do is to list five things that made them happy, and link to the blog that has given them the award!

So here is our list:
1.  Having a furrever home. Is hard to be without a home.

2. Long walks with mommy.

3. Cup drinks (Squashies)

4.  My personal cat lawn (TK)

5.  Our bloggie friends who not forgets us while mommy had to work.

Now here is our list of 7  kitty blogs that makes us happy so we likes to give them this reward! (All our bloggie friends makes us happy but we has to picks cause we tries to follow the rules this time.)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dr. Seuss Eye Whiskers!

Hi Bloggie-friends.
I wanted to share my very cool eye whiskers with you. As you might be able to see they have wiggles at the end!

Here is another view. You can click the pictures to make them bigger to get the full wiggly effect.

I added this picture so you can see that it's me with the wiggly eyebrows.

Love, Squashies

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mancat Monday

A mancat has to keeps those toy mousies in line! Once you gets them trapped, you has to makes fun of them by sticking out your tongue. This how mancats show their domino-ness!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The grass is always greener in my deck box

So one of the biggest things that has happens for me over the last few weeks is... is... *drool* MY lawn!  That's right my friends, I has my own personal lawn!  Daddy usually plants tomatos in the deck box for the beans to eat. But this year he is only goning to plant one tomato and the rest of the box he putted in wheat-grass seeds.
As you might imagine, with my grass addicshun, I has been very eggsited! Every day I goes out as much as I can to see how it is growing, and noms trims the tops, just so it not gets too tall.  Daddy sais him not going to brings the lawn mower up here to cut my lawn, so I has to take care of it.

Mommy sais it is not so good for our neighbor ladee who likes that we has extra tomatos in the fall for her to has... I sais they should buys her some tomatos at the farm stand if she feels so bad.

I hopes you enjoyed looking at my lawn. I think I might hold a tea party once the weather is nicer, you all will bes invited!

Has a great weekend my friends! TK

Edit- I forgots to say dat these picshurs were taken by Daddy! Him takes video too, so hopefully we can figure out how to posts that later.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We gets a reward!

Our dear friends over at Tekorin the NEKO gives us a reward. We are so very honored that they likes our blog, cause their blog is so amazing. You should really go checks them out, they dids fairytails with the kitties as the actors! They are always very fun to read.

So now we has to tell 7 things about us.
By Squashies:

1. I have 14 spots, one of them is a secret spot that no one knows about. (I will be revealing this spot to the world soon.)

2. Even though I hiss at him most of the time, sometimes I lick TK's head when he doesn't feel well.

3. I am a very messy eater. I get my noms all over me and the table where I eat. When I am done nomming, I will take a long time to clean myself off.

By TK:

4. I is very meticulous about my furs, I spends a lot of time licking and licking to make sure every hair is in the right place.

5. I loves to get brushed. My mommy and me has a ridual every night after dinners where I gets to sit in her lap and get my brushings.

6. I loves to walk on my leash. I walks right next to my mommy when on hard surfaces but I runs and plays when in grass.

By mommy:
7. I have had these two precious kitties for 20 months, in which time I have taken over 1,000 pictures of them.

I know most kitties has had this reward, so we tags anyone that wants to play!
We have had quite a few events in the last 3 weeks. We will be posting soon about 2 vet visits and some fun outings!