Monday, January 23, 2012

Home and a new furend!

Hi innernet furends.
Me wants to tells you that we gets home last week.

When mommy comes to the V.E.T. me gets very cited and gets a happy-shaky tail. But then me thinks she must be just bisiting us at our new home. My happy tail goes into a upside-down J.  Me wants to shows mommy that me is doing a gud job here so me does my normal V.E.T. patrol like me has been doing when me gets out of our room.

When me comes back to the wait room in my circle patrol, mommy is sitting on the floor waiting fur me. Me not can pretends no more, so me jumps in her laps, that already has a Squashies in it, and licks her fase that was watching me does my patrol and leaking.

When me and Squashies gets home, we is so happy! We not can believe that we is back.

Now me and Squashies is sticking very close to mommy and daddy. We sits on them whenever we can, so they not can go away again. We is back in our normal routine, cept we not wakes mommy until 7am in the morning acause that is when Aunt Michelle feeded us at the V.E.T. This seems to makes mommy very happy. Me not knows why, 3am seems a purfectly gud time to gets some noms!

So while mommy and daddy was away on their anniversary trips, me sneaks on the V.E.T.'s puter a few times and keeps up wif Admiral from the Rainbow Bridge.  Her and her's mommy were very sad to has lost each other. Me does my best to heps, but you know... what can a kitty does?

Then Admiral tells me that she was sending another kitty to her mommy. Me was so happy to hears this! Admiral sais is a purrfect kitty fur her mommy.  And then it happens!

So if you not has stopped by yet, goes and sais hello to Admiral's little sisfur Katie Isabella! Her is a very beautifur tuxie kitty who is doing an wonderfur job of taking care of her's and Admiral's mommy!

Welcome to the Cat Bloggiesphere Katie Isabella!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why is me blacked-out?

Me is joining mine fellow bloggers, Google, English Wikipedia, and other innernets sites to protest against The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), or HR 3261 and PROTECT-IP Act (PIPA). Me unnestands what mine Congressbeans is trying to does, but me finks this the wrong way to go bouts it.

Please joins me to contacts your congressbeans and tells them we has a concern about the language of these bills.

Some linkies to heps:

Petition the White House

Petition your CongressBean (Google)

Petition your Senator (Stop American Censorship)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hep! Me is getting lefted!

So Daddy is taking Mommy to Hawaii fur their Anniversary. You might finks this is a nice fing.  But IS NOT! Acause Squashies and me weighs too much to goes in Mommy's suitcase. So we has to stay here. (Also Mommy claims that me not allowed in Hawaii acause they not has rabies there so me would has to have a quarinteen.)

Mommy is taking us to stays with the great and wunderfur Dr. Seigal to stays in her's solarium room.  We gets to takes our trees and our beds our toys and even our own fud and dishes, so it feels like home.  Me can tells that Mommy is trying to act happy acause she wants us to know she is not mad at us and that she is coming back fur us, but me can tells mommy hasa sad. Somefing about the leaky face when she gives me mine morning after-shot lovings/brushings. Her just kept saying that she will come back fur us.

So me knows she hasa worry-worry that we finks she is throwing us away like our last mommy did, but me knows she not does that. Right?

Anyways, me and Squashies will be back in a few weeks with mine usual non-bloggingness.

Me and mine fambily wishes you and your fambily a Happy Mew Year!
Love, TK

Heresa picshur so you not furget me!