Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hep! Me is getting lefted!

So Daddy is taking Mommy to Hawaii fur their Anniversary. You might finks this is a nice fing.  But IS NOT! Acause Squashies and me weighs too much to goes in Mommy's suitcase. So we has to stay here. (Also Mommy claims that me not allowed in Hawaii acause they not has rabies there so me would has to have a quarinteen.)

Mommy is taking us to stays with the great and wunderfur Dr. Seigal to stays in her's solarium room.  We gets to takes our trees and our beds our toys and even our own fud and dishes, so it feels like home.  Me can tells that Mommy is trying to act happy acause she wants us to know she is not mad at us and that she is coming back fur us, but me can tells mommy hasa sad. Somefing about the leaky face when she gives me mine morning after-shot lovings/brushings. Her just kept saying that she will come back fur us.

So me knows she hasa worry-worry that we finks she is throwing us away like our last mommy did, but me knows she not does that. Right?

Anyways, me and Squashies will be back in a few weeks with mine usual non-bloggingness.

Me and mine fambily wishes you and your fambily a Happy Mew Year!
Love, TK

Heresa picshur so you not furget me!


  1. We hope your mom and dad have a fabulous time, of course. But they'd better bring you back something GOOD to make up for the abandonment!

    Take care and happy new year!

  2. we hope your mom and dad have a nice trip. our mom always has a hard time going on vacation too. But, we suspect you wouldn't like the plane ride, so settle in and enjoy the time until they get back!

  3. Will you two be staying in the same compartment there? That would prolly be nice, unless you argue with each other.

    Happy anniversary trip, Mommy and Daddy.

  4. We hope your mom and dad have a wonderful trip! We hates when our peoples leave too.

  5. Our mum gets a leaky face too when she goes on holiday. We hope your Beans have a lovely time in Hawaii. Don't worry, we won't forget you.

  6. Oh my, that is an exciting trip for your Mom! I know you will be in good hands but we will be missing you!!!

  7. TK of course your mum will be coming back, you know it's the truth!!!!

    I'm so excited for you, Hawaii is such a wonderful place (Robert and I were married on the big island last year). I hope your trip is just magical :-)

  8. Your human will come back. They can't just leave us forever. Of course, you know you need to make sure you get lots of extra treats for being left!

  9. Simba, we gets to stay together. We not always gets along, but then me reminds Squashies who is the boss, then we gets along fine! Of course some times me gets ascairt, then Squashies is the hissy boss!

    Cat, me remembers now that you has been there! Any last minute advice?

    Fanks everyone fur making us feels gud. (And fur making mommy not feel like a freak fur crying!)

  10. Your Mom will be back for you in no time!
    She loves both of you so very much.
    You'll be together so that is the most impawtant thing until your Mom and Dad get back.
    We will miss you but we hope your Mom and Dad have a nice trip on their anniversary.

  11. Oh my sweet friends....I know how your mommy is feeling right now getting ready to go on a holiday for their anniversary to Hawaii...the thought of leaving your beloved furries is worring her mighty. I know because mommy here has had the same worries because they will go to Maui in April for their anniversary and she is already having worry issues now!
    Sigh...beans...they just love us and owrry but we will be OK and all will be well.
    Wishing your beans a wonderous time and you both a gentle rest at the sap!
    Love the cozy cottage

  12. Awww adorable TK and beautiful Squashies!! Awww me and Charlie are now weepy faced cos you sound so sad! :-( Aww but we know mum and dad will be back with lots and lots and lots of treats and pressies all for you two and all the way from Hawaii!! They have plenty of fish there! Yay!

    We hope mum and dad have a wonderful anniversary! We miss you all already and look forward to when you both return here in blogland! Yay! Take care

  13. Well, a nice relaxing stay at the solarium sounds quite enjoyable. I hope you do have a good time there!

  14. It sounds like you two are gonna have your own vacation!! Who needs Hawaii??!?

  15. Ohhhh we could NEVER forget you!!! You will be fine! Please send your Mom hugs because we know how she feels leaving you :(

    HAWAII!!! That is my FAVORITE PLACE!!! Which Island is your Mom visiting?

    My Mom & Dad went to Kauaii 5 yrs ago and Mom wants to win the lottery so she can move there!

    Tell them to have a GREAT TIME!

  16. Aw, your Mommy will be back...she loves you verreh verreh much! How many mommies build a whole Our Van for their kitties?

  17. Your Mom will come back for sure! She loves you both so very much. Maybe she will bring you back something nice from Hawaii?

  18. Kitties I am sure you will have a good holiday, I hope your mum and dad enjoy theirs too. We will still be here when you come back.

  19. I would never forget you! Why don't you have a big party and invite all the kitties while they are gone?

    I also wanted to offer a belated thanks for your birthday wishes on my blog. I hope you have a terrific day, and if you have that party, let us know... we won't tell your mum and dad.

  20. We hate being left behind too but your beans deserve a trip to two once in a while! See ya soon.

  21. Darlings, of course your mommy and daddy will be back for you. They love you so much.
    Xxxxooooxxx I do too.
    Auntie Carole

  22. Precious TK, don't be nervous talking to me..I already loves you. xoxoxox


  23. Hope your parentals have a lovely time AND bring you back lots of guilt gifts!

    Thanks for your purrs. Target is looking better already.

  24. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad! We hope they are having a wonderful time in Hawaii. Your Mom loves you two so much, she will be back pronto for you, try not to be too sad.

  25. Hope your human Mom and Dad had a pawsome anniversary on that special day.

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