Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordy Wednesday- Me too!

Hello! Me not gets to post much acause of mine little sisfur's sicks.  But me is still here, trying to heps mommy wif all her scairts and stresseses.  Me has been a furry gud boy! When mine mommy goes to stay in ourVan at the hospital where Squashies was staying in ICU, daddy takes me to stays wif mommy so me keeps her company. Me even lets mommy cry all ofur me. Me just lick-licks her face and snuggles and purrs.

Mommy buys me a nip apple frum Nip & Bones acause me is such a gud boy!  Me likes to lick it!  Her buys lots of ofur toys too, but me likes this the best, and this is mine post!

Mine sisfur is doing gud, and her even cleans her furs a little bit.  But mommy still hasa brush her lots. Dis aprobably a gud thing acause Squashies is a little bit mad at mommy acause of the pills. But mommy now makes her a purrito afore the pill, dis makes it much faster so they not get fursterated.

Fanks fur stopping by, me sure misses mine furends!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Squashies Update- Days 6 and 7

I am feeling much better!  I sure thank everyone for all the purrs.
Mommy and Daddy took me back to the Hospital for a follow-up on Friday evening, and guess what?  My PCV went up 2 points all by itself.  The doctors say this is good news, but they weren't willing to say it was great.  Well I think it is great, because I feel really good.

I got up the steps all by myself, (Mommy followed me, so I wouldnt fall,) but I didn't need her to spot me. I can jump up on my tree and get in and out of my favorite litter box too!  The best is that I got to have girl-times with my mom, and I jumped up all by myself.

I still don't like to get my pills and do my best squirming when it is time, but both Daddy and Mommy are getting better at giving me my medicine.  This is good because the doctor says I will have to take these pills for a very long time.

So I wanted to show you something... Look I have a mitten!

I know it has been all about me lately, but I want to report that TK and Pip are getting along really well together.  They run around the house and play all the time.  I like this, because they leave me alone!

Thanks to all my furends in the blog world. I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful help and care you have give us.

Love, Squashies

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Squashies Update- Days 4 and 5

Tuesday night was a scary night for us. Squashies' PCVs (Packed Cell Volume) dropped to 8.  We held our breaths and prayed that the blood from Matt and Keeter of Blood Donors of MU CVM would get here on time.

By Wednesday morning, our girl was in pretty bad shape.  But at 8:30 am the FedEx truck pulled into the ER driveway, and Keeter's whole-blood was unloaded.  Shortly after they were hung and dripping into Squashies.

At 10:30 am the packed red blood cells (PRBCs) came in from Michigan.  It was decided to store these cells, in case we needed them later.

Dr. Kurtz said it would be best for Squashies to come home, so she would eat better and to give us some time to be with her while we waited to see if the Prednisolone can recover her mature RBC generation.  (We can't do a marrow test until she gets a little stronger.)

By 6:30pm, with a PCV of 21, Squashies was ready, and so were we.

After a bath, waiting to be discharged.

Crawled into mommy's lap, waiting to be discharged.

In her SleepyPod, waiting for Doctor Kurtz.

Riding home, watching daddy.

We have noticed some differences in her behavior. We are hoping that it from exhaustion and the Prednisolone and not from oxygen deprivation.  But she seems pretty happy to be home.

Last night was challenging. Squashies doesn't have a lot of energy so we have to be vigilant that she will not fall, and can get where she needs to be (food, water, liter,) without risk or stress. We set up the my office with all the things she needs, and offered her food and water every hour or so. I cried because I'm horrid at pilling her, and she gets mad at me. We're all just doing the best we can right now, in the hope that she will be better eventually.

Thanks to all our furends for purrs, grrrrs, calls, emails, tweets, FBs and connections. We have a shot now... We are happy to have our little girl here with us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Victor Mathew Adamus 1947-2012

Victor Mathew Adamus
December 27, 1947 to September 18, 2012

How can you be gone,
When I feel you so alive, in my heart?

How can the world keep going,
In light of what it has lost this day?

Rest is Peace, Poppy Vic- husband, father, grandfather, kitty-dad, and brave solider in the war on cancer. We are diminished by your absence. 

Comments turned off.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Squashies Update- Day 3

Squashies is hanging in there, her Packed Cell Volume (PCV) has been hanging at 12 since she started the antibotics and steroids.  This is good news, it indicates that the red blood cells (RBCs) are holding. (What type of RBCs is the big question.)

She had some troubles keeping her pilled antibiotic (Doxi) down last night, so they changed to liquid form. That seemed to stay in.

Eatting and drinking are problematic. She is so very tired. Dr. K  gave her some fluids last night, to make sure she doesn't dehydrate.

On the transfusion front- we have secured 2 units (60ML) of Type-B blood for her. Both are scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning. (Thanks to everyone that helped make that happen!)

Matt of Blood Donors of MU CVM, reported this morning that Keeter had completed her donation, and was resting comfortably.  If you have some time, please stop by and give her some love.

Thanks to all of you for your purrs, prayers, phone calls and emails. You are so amazingly good to me.  I will keep you all in the loop!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Urgent Request! Update- we found a donor.

If your cat has been blood typed, and is Type B (Rare but more prevalent in Asian British breeds,) we need your help.  Squashies is in desperate need of a transfusion. We can't find a Type B donor.

We will pay all expenses to bring the cat and you here to Baltimore.  With a very generous bonus for your time and discomfort. Call Dee @ 443-527-9226.

Thank you!

UPDATE: Breeds with best type-B blood chance: (Thanks Simba!)

UPDATE: 2012/09/17
I owe so many people my undying gratitude for getting us to this point.  It is amazing how well the internet works in the hands of tireless, talented and loving friends.

Thanks to Cheryl at Cats of the Wildcat Woods, and Matt and Keeter, of Blood Donors of MU CVM, Squashies will get her transfusion. All to buy her some time so that the wonderful docs at Baltimore Veterinary Emergency can figure out where all her red blood cells have gone.

There are so many other people that tweeted, facebooked, blogged and made phone calls to find us a donor, to offer their kitties for testing and to lend a supportive shoulder.  I promise to compile a list, but right now, frankly, I am running on fumes, and I don't want to miss anyone.

YOU FOLKS ARE AWESOME!  Please keep those purrs coming, Squashies is a tough little girl, but she needs all the help she can get.

If you get a chance, please stop by Blood Donors of MU CVM and hit the LIKE button.  These folks really came through for us.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Femme Friday- Purrs Please

I am not feeling so good.  Mommy took me to the V.E.T. and I have a fever of 103.7. So they did some blood tests, and my red blood cells are too few, but my reticulocytes (baby red blood cells,) are too many.  I'm very tired...

Oh! Sorry, I must have dozed off.

They did some X-Rays.They said everything is where it is supposed to be. The V.E.T. gave me some fluids and lots of shots, and now I have to take something to make me eat, and some antibiotics at home. I don't like pills... I am so very sleepy...


I have to go see a specialist on Monday, he's going to stick a needle in my bones, and take sound pictures of my belly. I don't think that will feel so good either....
Uh-Oh. I did it again.

I can't go up the stairs, I get tired after about 2 steps. Mommy carries me when I must go up... That's where my sleepy drum is, and TK and Pip are NOT!  She stays with me, brings me food and water, and carries me back down when I am ready...

I'm going to rest now... could you send some purrs for my mommy, please; she looks very worried?