Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween, efurrykitty!

Mine mommy not has lots of time to heps me posts, so just wants to say:
-We gets through HurryCane Sandy A-OK.
-Squashies is doing furry furry well.
-Me hopes all mine furends has fun with the Tricks or Treats. (Me not unnerstands this one, when me does tricks, me gets treats. Maybe today me not hasa do tricks, and treats flows likes the rain during a HurryCane!)

Remember to protect the outdoors kitties tonight, some beans hasa big mean!

Me loves your all, TK

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

Dee here.
I wanted to let all our furends know that we are doing well.  Our regular Vet has put Squashies on Interferon, and we are in process of weaning her from the steroids.  We have placed a literbox and water stations on all three floors of the house, so she doesn't have to do the stairs if she finds her energy waning.

The last week has been a good one for Squashies. She is alert, eating well, playing with her toys and gracefully jumping up on the high cabinet for her afternoon naps. Still, we aren't squandering our time together- every moment is precious.

Even though these are smartphone pics, with no attempt at creating appealing composition or lighting- I wanted to share them.

Squashies by the day-bed in my office.
TK and Squashies in the tree.
TK has been very attentive to his little sisfur.
"You may kiss my hand!"
"Is it lunch time yet?"

The young Master Pip-Squeak is fitting in nicely. He is a "get-along" kind of fellow and switches easily from rough-housing with TK and purring quietly near Squashies.

Pip (who isn't allowed outside,) sits next to TK while Squashies has some deck time.
He is also a little snuggle-bug. He follows me around the house and, whenever possible, he tries to put as much of his body against me as possible. I'm not sure if he feels safe near me, or if he is showing gratitude.  Either way, I love his exuberant affection.

I really want to thank all of our CB furends, you have been so gracious with your cards, emails, FB posts and Tweets.  Your thoughtfulness and support are a blessing.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

We are furry sad

I have some sad news regarding Squashies.

The specialist that did Squashies' bone marrow on Tuesday, called this afternoon.  The results of the aspiration were not good.  Although the FeLV and FIV tests have been negative 3 times in the last month, FeLV was found in her bone marrow.  The doctor said that it is most likely that Squashies fought off the virus when she was a kitten, which she got either before she was born or from her mother's milk.  He believes that her age and/or some other influence triggered it to active.  He also mentioned that it could be a sub-group that is caused by recombination of DNA cell structure. (It was a very technical conversation.)

We tested her blood again today, she still tests negative for the virus, so It is not outside of the marrow. Everyone agreed that she is not contagious, which is some relief given that she and the boys are quite close.

The dilemma I now face is heart-breaking.  The only ill effect the virus is having to-date is the lack of red blood cell development.  She does very well for about 3 weeks after blood transfusions.  But she has a rare blood type for which there is a finite amount in the US.   If we keep taking it, will some other little kitty, with a better prognosis, suffer?

I love my little girl...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

God's Speed, Jasmine

Our very dear furend, Marg, lost her sweet dog, Jasmine yesterday.  As hearts go, there is none bigger than Marg's.  She gives up a lot of personal comfort to make sure that her animal family has everything they could need and want. And of course, she loves them with all her being.

We hope you had a safe trip to the bridge, Jasmine, and that you are running like a pup in the tall grass. You will be greatly missed, until we meet again.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

God's Speed, Diamond

Our furend, Diamond, crossed to the rainbow bridge today. He was a cat of unusual intellect and charm.  A mancat of extraordinary writing talent, Diamond provided prose and poetry that melted in your mouth, and put a smile in your brain.

His posts, provided with the assistance of Lynettea, the person he kept about to serve his every whim, were witty and always in purrfect character.  It is obvious that he was very well and truly loved.

We are so very sorry, Lynettea.  We know that your heart is broken, and we purr that it will mend.

Diamond's 11th Birthday portrait
Diamond, we hope your journey to the bridge was a smooth one.  Until we meet again- fare well, my furend.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Special Day

Today, Otober 2, is Livestrong Day!
Me would likes to dedicate this post to all those that are fighting and have fought against that horrible disease, generically called "Cancer".

Me remembers:
Mine mommy's mommy, Mine mommy's daddy's mommy, Mine mommy's friends what was wif her when her was sick. To our friends Sarge who passed last year,  and our friend Poppy Vic whose recent death is a fresh wound to those that loves him.

We pray for those that have passed, and those that fight on, including Auntie Judi.