Saturday, July 16, 2011

July in Ontario

So we stays at Laurel Creek most of the times while we was in Ontario fur a monf. We had a pass for the whole time, but sometimes we stays at Mommy's furends' driveways.  Twice we stays with Michelle, and lots of times with CarolAnn.

The beach, from the parking lot at Laurel Creek

 The beach at Laurel Creek

Most of this parts of the trips is about how CarolAnn shares her fambily wif us. They has dinners and goes to the movies and even goes to the whine countries to gets whiny! (We nots go, Mommy leaves us wif the air condition so we not gets too hot.)  It was VERY HOT!

We has lots of fun when CarolAnn's fambily comes to the van. Speshully when Katie, (CA's daughter,) comes acause she loves kitties and she pets us and gives us brushings.
 Dis Katie and Squashies discussing the merits of red-mousie! 
(Dis a bad picshur, mommy uses her cell phone so she not loose the foto-op.)

Now you would thinks that she not has her own kitty, she spends so much times wif us but she does.  Him's name is Oliver, but him has lots of nick-names. She just has a big heart and loves all the kitties!
Dis Oliver in the window, him not allowed to goes outside either, so we not really meets; but him must be nice cause he is a grey kitty too.

This is CA's beuootifur house!  Mommy sais is amazing in the insides too. But the insides belongs to Oliver so I stays out in ourVan, that belongs to me!

I do goes for lots of walks. Mommy not wants us to feels all cramped so we walks twice a day.

Dis me checking out the sidewalk at CarolAnn's.

Dis me and Squashies in CarolAnn's awesome back yard.

We does lots of fun things in Canada, but we not ever gets to bisit Cat's Cats, acause we only goes to Toronto once and we nots have the times to play.

So then we crosses back to the United States.  And do you know what?  They not wants to sees our papers again!  But the TSA person had to gets in ourVan, and him was lergic to us!  He nots bisits us very long.... 

Anyways, we was very sorry we nots gets to bisit the Canada kitties.  Hopefully, next time mommy can works not so much. We loves our Canada kitties and we has a good time in your country!
Love, TK

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where the wild things are!

Hello kitties! (This postie was builded on June 26, but we decided to shares it anyways. Mommy builds lots of pages then she not posts acause she gets busy.)

Yesserday we goes to African Lion Safari near Cambridge. And we has a very gud time!  We gets to see all kinds of aminals, but bestly we got to sees Lions.  ROAR!  Mommy takes lots of picshurs. But we not can show some acause the big man-cat lion was being norty!

I wants to be a big man-cat lion when I grows-up, not only is him very beautifur, but also acause no one yells at him when he gets norty. No one sais "Lion no-no" to him!

Dis was a very gud time to go, acause all the aminals had babies.
Bison calf, just born. Notice umbilical cord is still attached.

Head butts!

Then the monkees gets on the cars and takes a ride.  Monkey, No NO!

And this stripey-horsey not lets this car goes, even though all other places was empty. No one sais "Stripey-horsey ,No NO!" to him either.

Mommy also sees a bird show. She loves the raptors.

We hopes you likes our tour. We hopes to posts more abouts our trip soon. Including how Casper, Archie, Jimmy and Ben's mommy and daddy helps our mommy gets a parking space for ourVan in Toronto.