Saturday, July 16, 2011

July in Ontario

So we stays at Laurel Creek most of the times while we was in Ontario fur a monf. We had a pass for the whole time, but sometimes we stays at Mommy's furends' driveways.  Twice we stays with Michelle, and lots of times with CarolAnn.

The beach, from the parking lot at Laurel Creek

 The beach at Laurel Creek

Most of this parts of the trips is about how CarolAnn shares her fambily wif us. They has dinners and goes to the movies and even goes to the whine countries to gets whiny! (We nots go, Mommy leaves us wif the air condition so we not gets too hot.)  It was VERY HOT!

We has lots of fun when CarolAnn's fambily comes to the van. Speshully when Katie, (CA's daughter,) comes acause she loves kitties and she pets us and gives us brushings.
 Dis Katie and Squashies discussing the merits of red-mousie! 
(Dis a bad picshur, mommy uses her cell phone so she not loose the foto-op.)

Now you would thinks that she not has her own kitty, she spends so much times wif us but she does.  Him's name is Oliver, but him has lots of nick-names. She just has a big heart and loves all the kitties!
Dis Oliver in the window, him not allowed to goes outside either, so we not really meets; but him must be nice cause he is a grey kitty too.

This is CA's beuootifur house!  Mommy sais is amazing in the insides too. But the insides belongs to Oliver so I stays out in ourVan, that belongs to me!

I do goes for lots of walks. Mommy not wants us to feels all cramped so we walks twice a day.

Dis me checking out the sidewalk at CarolAnn's.

Dis me and Squashies in CarolAnn's awesome back yard.

We does lots of fun things in Canada, but we not ever gets to bisit Cat's Cats, acause we only goes to Toronto once and we nots have the times to play.

So then we crosses back to the United States.  And do you know what?  They not wants to sees our papers again!  But the TSA person had to gets in ourVan, and him was lergic to us!  He nots bisits us very long.... 

Anyways, we was very sorry we nots gets to bisit the Canada kitties.  Hopefully, next time mommy can works not so much. We loves our Canada kitties and we has a good time in your country!
Love, TK


  1. Yay! Ur trip looks like lots of funs. :)

  2. Oh boy that looked like it was a very fun trip, there was so much to see and do! Thanks for sharing it with us! Where are you off to next?

    Abby purrs

  3. You are both true International Kitties. I bet your Daddy missed you and Mommy, though.

  4. What a fun trip you are having!! And it's nice you get to go out and stretch your legs a little bit!

  5. that looked like a great trip! We love Canada too!
    I thought it was funny that the customs person was allergic to kitties! Remind me to bring Cody next time I go to Canada! lol
    I just saw on your side bar that you are going to BlogPaws, I am soooo looking forward to meeting you there!

  6. Oh TK and Squashies!!!! Wow!! What wonderful adventures over in Canada!! Yay for lovely Carol Ann and beautiful daughter Katie and amazing Oliver!! Yay that you got to explore Canadian soil too!! Me and Charlie hope you get to visit Canada again!! Brilliant! take care

  7. Talk about international travellers! Thanks for taking us on your adventure.

  8. You two are the most amazingly cultured kitties, international Vansetters! We think your Mom is pretty smart to be able to travel, work, AND have you with her. Canada looks like it was fun!

  9. That looked like a fun trip to Canada, eh? I'm glad you had a good time with your friends.

  10. The beach at Laurel Creek looks beautiful. You two had such a fun time in Canada!! I look forward to seeing your new adventures :-)

  11. Hi TK & Squashies! We are so happy that you enjoyed your time in Canada but sad that we didn't get to meet you. Hopefully next time we can arrange a visit :-)

  12. How nice for you to be able to travel with your mom.

    I'm back blogging again. I've set up a new blog for the future furchildren. Please come by and visit at

    Mom Paula

  13. Aww, Katie sounds like a nice girl. We love the photo of her!

  14. It looks as though you had a great time in Canada.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. We are glad you had such a nice visit to Canada!

  16. We want to be sure and thank you for leaving kind words upon Jack's passing over the Rainbow Bridge. Our cat and cat-loving friends are helping us immensely in recovering from the loss. Baby has deeply grieved, but is doing much better with right attention and love.

  17. I wanted to say Hello and touch base with you before BLOGPAWS.

    Me- Carm and my Crazy Cat Man Randy will be there and I wanted to be sure to get to know each of the folks going a bit better before the BIG EVENT!

    Our Website: I have to admit that between my various interests online I don't always get to comment on blogs as much as I would like to... Or it just gets all redundant and meaningless...

    Our little bio is: We live in Buffalo, NY. Back in 1997 a black stray cat-Puffy came to us and made us her PURRsons. We fell head over heels in love with her and that next fall 1998 adopted to barn kittens littermate brothers- Sunny & Moony. The next spring 1999 there was a darling longhaired barnkitten Furby-same momcat as Sun & Moon. Before long I was online looking at cat breeds and feel in love with Maine Coons- Furby looks like one. I found a local breeder and adopted Candy-Fall 1999 who I just found out is the COVERGIRL on the new ICHC Wall Calendar, then Tommy-winter 2000, then Joy- Fall 2000 who was our momcat- who had 4 kittens and our keeper is Pride born in late 2001. We are all senior cats now and Puffy and Sunny have already left us to be with all the cat gods and goddesses.

    I look forward to meeting you at BLOGPAWS! Please do keep in touch! XO CC & 6GR8CATS

  18. What a great adventure!

  19. Oh, there you are. We missed you while you were gone, but it looks like you had a fun trip.

  20. We B way behind in visiting, but Teri is making up a list of Bloggers that we follow that are going to BlogPaws. She sure she will miss a few, as quite a few people haven't signed up on the RSVP list, but she's trying so she doesn't miss saying hi in person! Can you email us your human's names so she can try and remember them, as she is kinda old and remembering names isn't her forte'...she even mixes up our names, haha meow! Oh, our email is furrydance at gmail dot com