Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Suprise, at last!

Hi Everybody, TK here.  It has been a very long time since we has been able to post.  Our mommy has a very big busy with work and the 'suprise' we talks about a few months ago.  But we has been keeping up wif our furends on the quiet.

So here is what happens for the last 3 months:

We gets a wonderfur pressant frum our Auntie Deb, who gives us TWO munkeys from Sammy and Andy's auction acause me and Squashies was trying out-bid each ofur. Then she also gives mommy a beautifur kitty bracelet and earrings too! Mommy actually squealed when she sees them. Auntie Deb is really speshul to takes such good care of all our furends with her's auctions and to gives our mommy such a wonderful gifts.

I gets hatted by Sammy and Andy's mama! Thank you Mama, I loves my new hat!

So we also buys Attie's Shmarshmellows for a Christmas party that mommy goes to. (We were not invited...humph!)  She also not gets Audrey's Kitteh Krak Treats, so we were not impurressed.  Mommy promises to buys the kitteh treats after Christmas when she gots time to cooks fur us. Anyways, Mommy sais I should tells you that the Shmarshmellows are delishus and that everyone should try them.

On to the surprise that you all has been waiting for furever....

This is it:
our Van

That's right kitties, Mommy buys us a Van! Is for us! She sais if we not likes it, she would sell it acause she not wants to go anywheres wifout us, eber.

Here we are exploring our Van for the first time!

See Mommy has this dream to takes-off across the country and sees the sites.  For a job my mommy writes computer code from home for a company all the way up in Canada. So one day she thinks "With the innernets, I can writes code from anywhere!"  (She thinks it juss like that- plural verbses and everyfing!)  For a long time she not thinks this will work, acause we not likes to even get in the car, and she not wants to go without us. But then she sees that little Emily thinks living in a van is fine. So she decides she will try.

So when Mommy first gets our van, we goes on a weekend Halloween camping trip wif our Auntie SheShe and Gramma and Pop-Pop to Gettysburg. Is not very far, and Squashies and I cries and cries when we was driving.  And Squashies has such ascairt that she has a pukes. But once we gets there and sees that all our foods and toys and treats comes too, we decides we likes to camp.  Ebery night mommy makes the big bed and we all piles on juss like at home!

During Saturday I gots to wear my harness and helps mommy hand out cannies to all the ghosts and goblins that comes to our campsite and yells "tricks or treats".  Of course, everybody was petting me and saying how handsome I am.  And there was a lady who was camping next to us that has a kitty too!  Her kitteh had a costume and everything.  She has a hissy, (the kitty, not the lady) when I goes over to sais "hi", so I leaves her alone and sits with my mommy.

Then I gots to get in Gramma and Pop-Pop's camper to bisit, and they has a doggie and we gets along very well cept once when she tries to sniff my Spot #13, then I had to gives her the hissy-swippy. But I not uses my claws, I just pat-pat her nose. She not tries that again!

When we goes home from Gettysburg, we not cries after the first five minutes. Mommy seemed happy about that.

So then Mommy does lots of things in our van to makes us more comfortable. She makes a fense to goes around the awning outside so we can get in and out of our Van to has lots of roorm to play when she has the door open (and she can watch us.) Then she takes out the little night stand thingie and makes us a cat tree that hooks to the frame of our van by metal brakets. It also comes out and has little feets so she can put it outsides when we are in our fense. She works with lots of power-tools we not even knows she knows how to use!  She worked and worked for lots of hours.
The night table that gotted removed

our Cat Tree
Then we all goes down to Huntsville AL, to bisit our Auntie Bethie in Novermber! This was a very long drive, but we not cries at all, we juss sleeps in our cat tree.
We has a week long bisit.  We gots walks in the morning then mommy worked during the days and then she and Auntie Bethie has a bisit in the nights. Some nights we went sight-seeing in our Van; Huntsville is a very purrty town. Then mommy sleeps with us in the van. Uncle Mike has a lergic to us so we not gets to go in the house. But we not minds acause mommy sais this was our 'shake-down trip' so we can sees if we can do this, so is best if we pretends we not has a house to go in anyway.
So we will shows you more about our Van in the coming months, acause we are going to blog about our trabels. Maybe we can even bisit some of our bloggie furends along the way!