Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sammy, Andy and Mama

Kool Seniors Kitty Klub Badge
Hello Friends, TK here.
We has a  proud to announces that Sammy and Andy has invited us to belongs to their "Senior Kitty Club". We are very happy to be recognised as mature kitties.

Their Mama is very talented and she makes us these badges so we can shows all the other kitties that we is very smart and wize.  If you are a smart and wize older kitty you should sends them your picshur so you can has badges too!

You should go sees their post today, mama makes a beautimouse colle.. colla... lots-of-picshurs-in-one-picshur of all the Klub members so far.

Dis how you does it:
If you are EIGHT (8) or older and would like to have a badge to display on your blog, send pic of yourself to

Cow Kitty Badge
Hi this is Squashies, TK is letting me do this part because Andy is having his mama make badges espsecially for white kitties with spots, just like Andy and me. He is calling it the "Cow Kitty" badge. Isn't that a great name? He is such a wise and handsome kitty.

Andy says that a cow kitty is:
"A type of black-and-white bicolor cat is nicknamed "cow cat" or "moo cat" (for a perceived resemblance to Holstein cattle). It has big black patches over a mostly white body, often with a black mask over the head."

This is how you can get one:
To be considered for Andy's "cow kitty" badge, you must be:
 1.  Predominately other words have a lot more white than black on your body.

 2.  Have black patches on your body
 3.  Can have black markings on the head and face.
 4.  Tail can be black.

Send a head and body shot to
Note that Andy's mama will be cropping the pictures to a face shot for the actual badge.

We just love these two kitties and their mama. They are so very sweet to everyone. It's fun to belong to clubs!


  1. Wow that is so cool - we are in the Kool Senior Kitties too! We aren't in the cow kitties but we think that it is cool that the cow kitties have a club too!!

  2. Your badges turned out beautifully; of course, you are both so gorgeous, how could they not?!...Congratulations on joining the fun clubs; Mommy will have to send in photos for Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat to join in the Kool Senior Kitty Klub too...And, if our stray keeps coming around, we will have to sign him up to be a cow kitty!...Happy day adorable friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. We are still in training for the Seniors club and we can't train for the other. Love the badges though, very classy~!

  4. Awww TK and Squashies!!

    We love your senior kitty badges! And Squashies you make a fabulous cow kitty!!! Awwwww!

    Charlie is 7 so is just under the senior threshold but he may have a chance at being a cow kitty! I have to find a lovely pic of him that shows all his black spots!

    Speaking of which we think you, Squashies are so pretty with yours! And that TK is a very handsome senior kitty!

    Take care

  5. WOW!!! The Cow Club?!? PAWesome! ConCats on your memberships!

  6. We have joined the Seniors club too. We like your badges.

  7. Congrats on your senior kitty club memberships! As soon as we turn 8, we're getting some!

  8. ConCats on your badges! Mommy has to get busy and get us some badges, too!

  9. Congrats on your club memberships!!

  10. Ooh, I am Nine so I think I qualify for senior kitties! Awesome!

  11. Harley is hoping to become a member of the Cow Kitty club! We have to get our mommeh to send in a picture for him.

  12. Great badges! Me (Tigger) and Patches just got ours, and mom posted dem today! Dey are furry nice! Fanks you! We luvs da 'cow kitty' ones, too, but none of us qwalify fur those. Furry nice idea, tho...cute kittiehs all deserve badges.. oh. dat means ALL kittehs!! MOL!!

  13. Uh-oh..opps... I finks we posted da comment on da wrong bloggie...we will haz to repeet it on da rite one! (Good thing we iz covered in furz, or you'd see our faces all red!)

  14. You really don't look a day over 5 to me! Are you sure you're seniors!?!

  15. Congratulations :-)
    I am also a memeber hehe...
    You are also looking MUCH yougher ;)

    Hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

  16. Waaaa! We can't be in either club!! We're not seniors & we're not Moo-kitties! LOL! Congrats on your membership in both the clubs!! We'll get there someday... Well, not the black & white club (... maybe we could get some bleach & a black perma-ment marker!!)

    Have a Happy Holiday Weekend!

    ~Nico & JayJay :)

  17. The badges sound great, thanks for your lovely comments!!! Spider has a year and a half till he is a senior and Smudge well he is only about 18mths.

  18. COOL badges!!
    B-sensei is also a member of the KSKK!
    Too bad Teko-chan is a little too black for the cow kitty....

    Have a happy weekend!!

  19. Hey fellow senior cats!! Squashies, we both think you have fabulous eye make-up!! We especially like how you do the eyeliner on your right eye different than your left eye!! Soo cool and unique!! Cow-kitties are cool...we, unfortunately, are not cow kitties, but we have some good friends that are and they are really nice girls. TK, you look like a very calm, intelligent and wise....a true friend. We are happy to meet you and look forward to chatting with you in the future!! Have a great weekend! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny (Weezdabadcats)

  20. I am glad to hear you are not really turning into a cow. FAZ

  21. I'm so pleased you loved the book! Thanks for your kind words!!

  22. We hope that your Memorial Day is full of peace. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday:) ~Tristan

  23. Love the badges, just adorable! No one in our house fits the criteria but we think you did a great job making badges and a couple of new clubs!

  24. Welcome to the Kool Senior Kitty Klub TK and Squashies!! We'll have lots of fun this summer...maybe we can charter a big boat for a fishing trip.
    Madi and Mom

  25. I am quite a senior cat, as I am now going on fourteen. that is quite senior I believe. I am still quite active though. Not for long each day, but I can still run and jump.

  26. concats on your memberships, boys!