Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hello Blogs.  I'm Tiny- everyone calls me TK, cause, well... I'm not so tiny.  Anyway dis mah blog.

So I wants to tell you about me, cause this is supposed to be about me, but right now I has a big worry-worry about my innernets friend Kismet (who doesn't really know who I am, but still he's like my heros...)  Him has a borked hart.  So I can naught think of anything else.

So dis me- saying prayer to CC that he get his medicines working real soon so he can gets back to being the model fur all da big man cats, like me.  We's purring for you Kismet!

Sneaking a picture in!

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  1. Hi TK, well we're a bit late saying welcome to the Cat Blogosphere ~ but WELCOME anyway!

    If yoo get time, come over and visit our bloggie.