Monday, August 13, 2012

Pip-Squeek Prepares to have a furrever home!

As yous may know mine Mommy bin preparing Pip-Squeak to comes and lives wif us. It has been a slow fing, but mine mommy is furry pashunt.

Her challenges him juss a little bit effurytime. Her touches him, then her scritches him, then her brushes him. Always her gibs him yummy high-calorie foods. Acause him is so furry skinny.  Last month her starts to touching him wif two hands one either side of hims chest... prep'ing him to gets picked up.

This morning, her is furry glad she does all that...

When mommy comes down to feeds us ours' breakfast this morning, Pip was in him's house on the deck. When mommy takes him him's breakfast, him not come out.  Mommy looks in, and him was bleeding from several bites on him's legs, and a few cuts and abrashuns on him's body and head.  Him not gets up to eats.

So mommy gets mine carrier, is no more time for pashunts, is time to do.

Her puts on a coat (to protects her arms) and picks him up and puts him in mine carrier. He only fights a little bit. Then her and Pip is gone in the van. When her comes back, Pip is not wif her.

So mine mommy sais that the vet takes Pip in to the sticky room to checks him, and gibes him FIV and FL tests (that him passes,) and takes some blood and gibes him some anti-by-otecs. Him gets a full check-up, and all him's hurts gets a good looking.

Tomorrow him gets fixed, then on Fursday, if him's hurts are ok, him comes home to lives wif us furrever!  Me hopes him not hasa sad him not can go outside anymore.

Pip's last day as a Feral cat!

TK gives a Pip Update
The Vet juss called to sais Pip is out of surgery.  Her also sais him had to get all him's furrs shaved off acause him was furry beat up and her needed to sees. Him will hava stay another few nights so they can watch and him can has pain meds so him not hurts.

Me and mine mommy are going to bisit him at 3. (Me is juss bisiting Pip, right mommy?) So maybe her takes some picshurs and we updates you.

Mommy whispers- TK is going for his monthly check-up. Don't tell him, he gets scared.


  1. Oh Pip! I wonder what happened--but I am glad that you were caught and taken to get helped.

  2. Oh we are so happy that you're gonna give Pip a home!! We hope all goes well for him and his hurties heal quickly!!

  3. Mr. P-S, your hard times are over, thank Cod. Relax, meet the other kitties, and enjoy the good life. Blessings on your Mommy!

  4. Poor Pip, we are so sorry he got hurt but we are so very grateful that he had your mum to look after him. We hope he will be better soon and be able to come home and start his wonderful and safe life indoors!!!!! Fingers crossed everything goes well :-)

  5. Oh thank goodness your mom was watching out for him. We are so very happy that his tests passed, and he gets to have a happy life with you!

  6. Awww beautiful TK and adorable Squashies!! You have the bestest mum! Me and Charlie are so happy you are all giving gorgeous Pip a home!!! We send him many purrs and healing hugs but just know he will be very happy once he's home with all of you!! We are so so so so so happy this sweetie will now be loved and cared for! Yay!! Take care

  7. My sweetest friends, thank goodness for your mommy looking after Pip. MUCH love to all THREE of you and your mommy and daddy too. Thank you so much on behalf of Pip. I hope he heals up quickly and well..and here's even more lovin's for all of you. (KISSIES and SMOOCHIES) XXOO

  8. Oh, bless your mom's heart that she is watching out for Pip. I hope he recovers quickly and enjoys his new (and safe!) life. Please keep us posted on how he's doing.

  9. Poor wittle Pip! Purrty soon he'll come to realize he don't have to fight to stay alive anymore. Him will have a real, loving home!

  10. Oh poor Pip, I'm so sorry you got hurt. But so glad your new mom took to the vet. You will not have to worry about dangers outside any more...I'm very happy you got your new forever home and wonderful family! I'm looking forward to your updates. I hope your injury will heal quickly.

  11. We all send purrs to sweet Pip and think he will really like being formerly feral.

  12. Oh dear Pip what an ordeal buddy.
    WE are so glad TK Mom has been working with you.
    Sounds like just in the nick of time ...
    oh we is so glad that you are going to be OK's!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  13. Pip sweet one, I want you to st and have relief from the pain and fear. Know you will be loved so much when you are able to come home.

    TK most sweetest special furriend I ever had, maybe I can make it in to see you with my tunnel and I can visit Pip with you and mommy? I'll give you paw hugs and whisper in your ears. Just in case you might happen to see the v-e-t by accident. It'll be alright. XXXOOO <3

  14. Poor Pip! We're so glad he has you to look out for him. We look forward to meeting him when he comes Home.

  15. Poor Pip! We hope he heals well. He is lucky that your mum was watching out for him and got him help. We are glad too that he is getting hid Forever Home with you.

  16. Poor Pip. We sure are glad your Mom is taking such good care of him, and that he is coming to live with you forever!

  17. We're so happy Pip is coming to live in your loving home.

    Thank you for visiting us and sending comforting words.
    We love you. Purrs!