Friday, August 17, 2012

Formerly Feral Friday- My Gotcha

Pip: hello...

TK: You have to speak up, little brofur, so efurryone can read you.

Pip: I don't know what to say...

TK: Juss tells about you, like why you lives wif us now.

Pip: But it is better to be quiet when bad things are about!

TK: Don't be ascairt! No one is gonna hurts you. Dis a nice place wif furry nice kitties. Them all knows this is our place, they not tries to take it away from you.

Pip: I am not scared!! I am an outdoor cat, we do not get scared!


Hello, my name is Pip-Squeak. TK says that yesterday was my "Gotcha Day".

TK: Pip, juss talks normal, me promises, blogging is fun!

Pip: Hello, my name is Pip-Squeak... and this is my story.

 A few darks ago Socks came in my territory again. He thinks that this yard is his, but it is not, it is mine. So we had to have a fight.
He scratched me some, but you should see him! I got him good. I won that fight!

After the fight, I was resting in my cabana, when suddenly the lady that always brushes and feeds me (TK says I should call her mommy now,) picked me up, shoved me into a big box, and zipped me in.  I can tell you outdoor mancats do not like this at all. Seriously, here I am defending the realm and this is the thanks I get?

Next thing I knew, the lady put the big box in an even bigger box, and it was moving! Then it stopped and the lady took the big box out of the bigger box and took it in an even bigger box.  I really was not too scared, the lady has always been nice to me. Then we were waiting, and the lady reached in a few times to scratch my chin, and I had to purr to let her know she was doing it correctly.

Then she moved the box. I got to get out and onto a table. There was a lady in a coat, and she stole some of my fur and stuck me with a needle. I was a gentleman, my lady was stroking my head, I am always safe when she is around.  The coat lady said I was too gentle to be feral.

And that is when everything turned bad.

Someone came in the room, I could not see my lady anymore. What was I doing here?  Then I showed them what a ferocious outdoor kitty could do. I finally saw my lady, but by then everyone else was attacking me, my lady look scared.

I put my ears flat, showed my teeth, pulled my claws out, and I fought.  I fought for hours, sortie after sortie. I used all my best cat-ninja moves.  I fought on the table, I fought on the chair, I fought on the counter with all the papers that flew in the air. I jumped from the counter to a cloth on the door, I hung 6 feet up, and I fought there as well.  All were defeated by my prowess!

Then I got jammed up in the corner...  There was a towel and gloves...

I won that fight too, but I decided to rest in the cell that they put me in anyway.  Then I went to sleep, and when I woke up, some parts of me were missing!?!  I took inventory from my head down, of the missing things- some fur on my shoulder, some fur on my back, some OH MY COD!?!  Where are they?

I was ferocious in my cell!  I attacked anything that moved, cat-ninja style. They even put a sign on the door that I was a wild-animal! You better believe that sign!!!!

Then my lady came and they shoved me in the big box again.

My lady took me out of the even bigger box, and put me in the big box that moves.  Then she opened my door and gave me my favorite chin scratches.  Of course I rolled on my back, so that she could serve me better.  And I purred so that she would know that she was doing it correctly.

Now I am at the big box that is near my outside territory.  I have met TK and Squashies.  They both give me my space, they know I am the toughest kitty on the block, though really they should be more scared of me than they appear to be. They even slept a few feet away from me last night. I am in their territory, and they do not seem to mind it. Indoor kitties are weird.

The big problem is that I can see my territory, but my lady won't open the door like she used to.  I'm not sure what to think... I do feel safe here. But my territory is so close.  Why is my lady not opening the door?  I will have to nap on this greatest of questions.
Pip- safe, warm and loved.

We just got the sad news that Emily, of ToSimplify, went to the bridge today. If you have a few seconds, please stop by. She was Glenn's furend for 18.5 years. He is furry sad.
Godspeed, sweet Emily!


  1. welcome Pip - we are glad you are "rescued" and living the good life.....

  2. Pip, WTG at showing the vet who's DA MANCAT in the even bigger box! Having said that, welcome to the BEST part of your territory, the inside. If you look this bad you must've given Socks a whaling whooping. In a couple of weeks your hormons will settle down and you will find that the pampered lifestyle is the one to live!

  3. Pip!! Perfect pretty Pip!!! Hello there!! Me and Charlie are so so so so happy to read you are settling in and are in AWE at your warrior ninja skills! Goodness you've had quite a Gotcha Day adventure!! Yay!!!! Enjoy your nap now! You are safe and loved! Take care

  4. Welcome, Pip! You're a very handsome boy! We are glad you're at home with your lady and the very sweet TK and Squashies!

  5. Pip, we know your lady is just wonderful to her kitties, and you are in a good place. Doing without your man bits will make you less interested in fighting Socks or anybody else. Welcome to the CB!

  6. Wow, Pip, you've had a HUGE adventure! Your shoulder and forearm look a little worse for the wear, but the fur will grow back. We think there are WONDERFUL days ahead for you!

    Happy Gotcha Day and welcome to the Cat Blogosphere!

  7. Happy Gotcha Day! I think you could just enjoy being inside--the food is much better there.

  8. Welcome Pip!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Gotcha Day!

  9. Oh Pip...dearest Pip, welcome to your loving home. I'm so glad you're there and I'm so sorry that it seemed so frightening to you when you went to that biggest box. But your lady was there and would have loved to have been able to change thigs but you needed that care, dear Pip.

    Welcome, and enjoy your gentle new siblings. I love them both. You will too, and give your mommy some loves. xxooxx

    1. Thank you, Katie. TK says that you are very "yummy". I don't know what he meant by that.

      P.S. I was not scared!!!!

  10. Sorry you had to go thru all that but now you are loved and safe forever!

  11. Happy Gotcha Day handsome dude, ya sure done good!!!!!!!!

  12. Wowie Pip that was a heckofagotcha story.
    We sure are glad you are inside now.
    Believe me you will love it.
    It's the bestest fing efur.

    Welcome and many more happy GOTCHAs!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  13. Oh Pip Squeak, we are so glad you have found such a good home. Our Mom loves feral kitties too. That was quite a fight you put up but we are glad all those humans won and that you are inside now. You sure are a handsome boy. We loved your story. It all sound so familiar. We can't wait to see more of you. WE know you are going to get lots of that loving there at your new home. Big hugs to your Mom for taking care of you.

    1. OMCs TK you have a precious little Pip squeak to train and love. Pip we are here to tell you that you have landed in a very loving donot need one single thing on the other side of the door.
      I have a K9 friend named Pip too
      Your BFFF

  14. Welcome Pip! I just had my parts stolen too!!!

  15. Oh Pip, you're quite a handsome man cat! I'm glad you've found your perfect forever home :)

  16. Happy Gotcha Day Pip! Your life is just starting to get better and better.

  17. Yay Pip, happy gotcha day!! I'm sure you will get used to blogging and enjoy soon!! Sorry you lost your fur but it will grow back. And sorry you lost your ...uh something something but you got such wonderful forever home and loving family!! You may wonder why you can't go outside first but you will be so safe and happy that you will not miss it...
    I look forward to seeing you and blogging more!

  18. Hi ya, Pip! You got a good home now. It's gonna be great!!

  19. Pip we promise you that is the last battle you will ever have and even though you came away missing some parts, your life will be smooth sailing from now on!!! You will live indoors safe and cared for with a loving family and soon you will forget all about your territory and be content just to see it through the windows :-)

  20. Happy Gotcha Day!!!! Thank you for sharing your gotcha day story with us we found it very entertaining and we just know you are going to love being gotted by your lady.

  21. Nissa says you look like me! Syl says, I don't have man parts and I'm still ferocious, just ask Nissa. My mom even paid extra for the vet to check because I'm still way too feisty even years after. I just want to be the only cat here. I also purr at the humans cause that's the best way to get stuff from them. But I don't attack them unless they's holding me down for too long. Be nice to your humans and you will get a great life.

  22. Happy Gotcha Day Pip!!! We know you're going to love your new home.

    The Florida Furkids

  23. Dear sweet Pip. We hope you can recover and be the mancat you really are (just indoors now).

  24. Thank you for your lovely comment on our blog. We are all fine ~ we just don't blog much now. We are on FaceBook as it is so much quicker and easier for mom. Are you on FB? Or is your mom ~ because you could friend us and share news.
    Sorry you've been poorly. Get well quickly Pip. xx