Friday, August 13, 2010

Femme Friday

Hello Blog Furends, it's me- Squashies with my Femme Friday Post!
I has decided to use the picshur that Sammy and Andy's mommy makes as my permenant Fem-Friday reporter head shot.

Speaking of Sammy and Andy- today is Andy's 10th Birthday- so if you haven't already, swing by and say hi to him.

It has been a hard week on kitties this week, as you probably know Chey and Sniffie both had surgery yesterday. We are purring that they will feel better real soon.

It's a bit rainy here today so I didn't go out on the deck this morning. TK, however was undaunted and ran out to get in his lawn. Silly boy... Eatting grass in the rain.

Other than that- we are looking forward to a quiet weekend. We hope you all have a wonderful time!


  1. Oh my goodness gorgeous Squashies!! Me and Charlie love your Fem-Friday head shot!! We think it makes you look very distiguished and such a proper lady cat reporter!

    We are still celebrating lovely Andy's birthday and are having a ball!!! Yay to Andy and Sammy!

    Awww handsome TK loves his grassy lawn! We hope he has a fun time eating in in the rain! LOL!

    have a great weekend too!

    p.s purrs and healing hugs to Chey and Sniffie!

    Take care

  2. You look absolutely MEWVELOUS Squashies!!! We are posting FROM Andy's as Skeeter doesn't wanna leave anytime soon and our purr motors are working overtime for all of the kitties who are ill and have had surgery!!!

  3. Silly TK! We agree with you Squashies...stay indoors when it rains!

    We went to Andy's pawty today and had WAY too much nip, we're due for a nap.

    And we are purring in shifts around the clock for our sick kitty friends.

  4. Hi Squashies! WE think your look great in your hat and it is a great photo for you being a reporter and all! WE are purring for all the sick kitties out there too - there are way too many!

    And we think it is so funny that TK went out in the rain to nom on grass - we would avoid water no matter what!

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. That sure is a super beautiful headshot. We are worried about the sick kitties - hope they will be better really soon.

  6. We think you look smashing Squashie!!!

    Yep, we have been very concerned about our friends. We hope they find out what is wrong with Chey so she can get the help she needs!

  7. You look lovely Squashies. We are purring for all the sick kitties too.
    We have to agree with TK because when it rains we go and sit in the middle of the lawn and come back in soaking wet.
    Thank you for our award. We hope to post about it next week.

  8. Stunning Squashies, just stunning! Yep, we've been purring overtime for our pals too!

  9. beautiful Squashie,
    thank you for our reward. it is very much appreciated.
    we are on our way over to say happy birthday to Andy and hope that you have a lovely weekend xx

  10. Squashies, we think you are beautiful in your hat!! We were over at Andy's birthday party! What fun we had!!

  11. We're having chicken! Hope your weekend is as good as ours

  12. Wot a beautiful hat!

    We did our meme award post today!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. You look beautiful in the hat, sweetie...We just left Andy's party and maybe had one too many niptinis=we're off to bed soon to sleep it off :)!!...Happy weekend beautiful friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  14. Oh, what a beautiful picture of you in that hat. Sammy & Andy's mom is good with hats, isn't she.

  15. We feel so very honored that you are using your hat picture for your Femme Fridays....thank you sweet Squashies!!!!!

    Also thanks for the birthday party mention, and even more thanks that you and TK came by to help make it such a special for Andy. We luvsya.

  16. You look beautiful in that hat Squashies.

  17. Hello. You look like a model in a hat :-)