Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting ready!

Squashies: TK?

TK: Yeah Squashies?

Squashies: Are you ready?

TK: Readys for what?

Squashies: Our Gotcha party tomorrow!

TK: Oh!? what do I have to do?

Squashies: We'll our kitty furends are coming to see our furever home, and we want them to be comfortable and have fun things to do.

TK: Oh!? what do I have to do?

Squashies: Well you can go through our toy basket and put out fun toys for our furends to play with!

TK: Oh. OK. Where should I put them?

Squashies: You can put them all over, so our furends can play whereever they want to be.

TK: I can put toys in my lawn so all our furends can play there too!

Squashies: That would be nice TK!


TK: Squashies?

Squashies: Yes TK?

TK: When will our furends be here?

Squashies: Tomorrow TK.

TK: How long is that?

Squashies: You have to sleep and wake-up 20 more times.


  1. Oh boy, I can hardly wait for the pawty!!!

  2. We are super excited to come and see you for the party - we know it will be so much fun!

  3. Ha ha! Twenty more times of sleeping and waking up til tomorrow! That's about right!

  4. We can't wait for tomorrow. We are really excited!

  5. MOL~!!! We are SO super excited for your PAWTY tomorrow! 20 more night nights and we're on our way!

  6. MOL! Sounds like TK is getting pretty excited...we are too!

  7. Awwwww sweet Squashies!! You are doing very well organising lovely TK and your Gotcha Party!! Well done you!

    Me and Charlie have picked our outfits!! We can't wait for tomorrow and need our 20 more naps! LOL!!

    Have a lovely day gorgeous Squashies and adorable TK!! See you tomorrow!

    take care

  8. Cute post!...We are looking forward to your party tomorrow, we can't wait to see you guys and visit with all your fun friends...Get some rest, we're all sure to need it :)!!...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Hi TK and Squashies! It's nice to see you again. We will come to your party tomorrow. I'll have to do alot of napping meanwhile, though! MOL!

  10. LOL...you two are funny :) We'll see you tomorrow!

  11. Yep, will be by tomorrow! How FUN! Uh, can I have the cushion to nap on...?


  12. Lol, only 20 times? Love that! have a great party.

  13. OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY!! We're giddy with excitement!!!

    See you tomorrow!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)