Friday, August 20, 2010

Femme Friday

Hello Bloggie Furends, it's Squashies, with my Femme Friday Post!

I'm sure everyone knows what a rough week it has been in the Cat Blogsphere. August 18, 2010 has been called "the day of tears".  On that day we lost four blogging kitties.  Luxor, Eric, Molly and Winnie.

To most of us freshmen bloggers these first two kitties are, simply put- Legends. They were part of a small group of pioneering kitties that, through their actions, defined our blogging world and taught many of us to explore our own thoughts and share them with others.

On January 2006 Eric made his debut from London. He was greeted by other Legends such as Abby, The Crew, Derby, Dolce, Little Cat FeetMaxthe Meezers, Oreo, Patches, Skeezix and others.  His blog is a great read, if you want hours of entertainment, I highly recommend you read it- start to finish. It is a funny, witty, amazing chronicle of the life of Eric. Of course the end will break your heart.

As near as I can tell, Luxor came online in September 2006* He was greeted by Greats: Daisy, Derby, Eric and Flynn, Junior and Orion, Little Cat Feet, Max, the Meezers, Millie, Rosie and CheetoSkeezix, Speedy, William,  and others. His blog is also a wonderful read.  The photography is often stunning and the stories are a fun and well written tail of this whitest of cats. You should read it all, you won't be disappointed!

Molly's Alexi started blogging in February 2007. She was greeted by Chey, Daisy, KarenJo, the Meezers, Skeezix and a few others. This also a fun blog with interesting topics like cat shows and breeding. Definitely worth reading!

You might wonder why I mention the greeters of these kitties. The truth is that I think of them as a big family. They have all been friends for a very long time. Together they have laughed, teased, celebrated, taught, learned, helped each other through difficult times; and they have mourned as a family.

I am fairly new to the bloggy world, and I have cried, hard, for these kitties.  I can only imagine how I would feel if we had grown up together.

So for all of you that have paved the way for all of us- we are sorry for your loss, and we purr for your comfort.

The lists presented here were not exhaustedly researched; if you belong in any of these lists please let me know in your comments. We turly want to honor you!
My mommy is researching the history of the CB and the "Legends of the Blog", but it is very tricky stuff, and she doesn't have a lot of time to devote to it right now. If you would like to help please let us know!

*There are some earlier posts, but they were not content, Luxor may have ported from another venue.


  1. Hi TK
    This is my first visit to your blog.
    Momma started my blog before there was a CB. We just celebrated our 5 blogoversary. The CB was started by Mom Robin of the House of the Mostly Black Cats. She had to turn over the reigns of it to ML because she didn't have the time needed to devote to it. But the CB has been a wonderful gathering place for kitties and furries alike.

    We were deeply sadden by the loss of Eric and Luxor because we were long time furfriends.

    This was a lovely lovely posting you did.


  2. Hi Tk and Squashies - what a great post and a great way to remember the kitties who had to go this week. We are sad about it - but we know they are up there together having fun, and taking care of sweet little Winnie.

    It is so cool that your mom has done all that reasearch - if our mom wasn't so busy she would love to help, but she needs to get caught up and work on getting the Naughty Kitty Club back on track! Maybe if your mom is still doign it when she gets that going again we can help then!

  3. Squashies, This was such a nice post. We are also new to blogging but we lurked as far back as 2oo8, so we were very saddened by the loss of Eric and Luxor. We think your Mom should do a timeline, if she gets time. That would be fun and interesting.

    BTW, did you know you are on Wendy's LOLSpot today? It's pretty funny! Just what we needed.

  4. While it is true that the CB came into existence around 2006, as did Carnival of the Cats, I believe, the amazing thing is that Cats, and their Humans, have been blogging about Cats long before that.

    The CB & The Carnival were just the first efforts at bringing us all to each others attention in organized ways.

    Did you know that in the early years Carnival would get upwards of 50, and more, entries a week? ;-D

    The archives are all there to explore. ;-D

    I first had an online presence on a Message Board Community in 1998, when I was a kitten the same age as Elvira, using the member name of Hokie. ;-D

    Daddy started blogging in 2002, and we shared his blog, with me using my real name at last.

    Discovering other Cat Bloggers in the years to come blew us away, and opened up a whole new world to us.

    We both now wish we had set me off on my own blog the year the CB & Carnival began, instead of last January, but maybe it was for the best, as we have both come a long way creatively since those early years.

  5. Hi Nikita, my handsome man-cat furend!
    The earlies cat blog we can find (so far) Is Max the PsychoKitty- dated Sunday, October 26, 2003. Anykitty know anyone earlier?

  6. Dear TK,
    Mine is not really a cat blog, although our Spontaneous features often, but I still feel a welcome part of your world. It is sad to lose those we care about, but I feel lucky to have read about them and it is wonderful to know that their legacy is only a click away.
    Great Hat!

  7. It was a rough day. Too many lost, and sweet little Winnie...barely had begun her life.

  8. Junior and Orion, you were left off the list- we has added you in your appropriate spot. You are, indeed Legends.

  9. Awww sweet and lovely Squashies!! Me and Charlie are also freshers to the blog!

    I will always be grateful to CB for being there for kitties and doggies and all types of pets and their humans! I will never forget the kindness everyone who was part of CB showed when my ol girl died - I will never forget how because of CB, kitties and woofies and their humans shared my grief and really helped me - it was truly amazing!

    I know it was Noir's Nook and Amy and The House of Cats who were the very first to show me such kindness and support. I will always be grateful to them.

    Now me and Charlie are always amazed by how creative and lovely and surreal and just wonderful the blogs we've met through CB are. We'd be completely lost without our kitty/doggie and their human friends in blogworld!

    A big hug to gorgeous TK too!

    And we continue to keep the candles we lit in our hearts for much loved and missed Eric, Luxor, Molly and sweet little Winnie.

    Take care

  10. That was very nice, yall are special too!

  11. This is a great post, Squashies. So nice to think of the "already blogger" greeting the new ones in such a welcoming way. That sure happened with me: I have been blogging less than a year, though was reading some of the blogs for a while before that. Skeezie was actually the one who said I should have my own blog after I won one of Chey's Find Chey Friday's.

    There are so many kitties blogging now that it would be a huge task to keep up with everybody. But a fun one! What a wonderful community.

  12. No matter how long anyone has been blogging, we are one huge happy family. We have been blogging for 3 1/2 years now and are so happy to have made friends with you two! We just get so attached to each other so quickly. Take care of yourselves and have a great weekend!

  13. This was a lovely post for such wonderful kitties Squashies. This was a very tough week. Luxor was one of the first furiends we met when we started blogging. We have been leaky over all these kitties and are sending purrs to their families.

  14. A lovely tribute post for the sweet babies lost this past week; such a tragic time for the CB...Happy weekend, beautiful girl; kisses to you and your handsome brother...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. Lux and Fat, when I started blogging I couldn't find any other kitties, so when guys like that started popping up, the whole thing just got so much more fun. I'm gonna miss them a lot, and now I think I might go back and re-read their blogs. It might help. Thanks for the idea!

  16. This is a lovely post Squashies. We will miss our very first friend Fat Eric, and Luxie who we met soon after very much. We never met Molly or had chance to meet Winnie, but they all will be sadly missed.

  17. What a lovely post in honour of some pawsome kitties :) You are so right about the CB being like a big family :) There are so many fine kitties. Some have stopped blogging .Some(like us) have reduced the amount of blogging. The most exciting part is that there are always new kitties starting out :) Some are young,some are old (like me,Mickey. I am 17 years old)
    We will be celebrating our 3rd blogoversary on Tuesday :)
    It is super that kitties from all over the world can come together,form a community and b make friends!!!!!! It's pawsome!!

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. What a nice post, TK! We've been blogging for over 2 years now, and when we found out about the CB, Fat Eric and Luxor were a couple of the first kitties we met. We will miss them very much.

    The CB is a great place...and we are happy that we have met you and Squashies and now you are part of it too!

  19. What a wonderful post you made! The CB is truly what brings us all together as a real community. It is so heartbreaking when one of our furry family has to go to the Bridge, but it is easier with the support of our blog buddies. We have all cried and laughed together.

    I'm glad we're friends and you are part of the CB family.

  20. Beautiful post, and what a wonderful way to remind all us newbies what it is all about. I have to say, the love I've felt from the founders, and others from the CB is remarkable, and really not something you find anywhere else, and the stories are fun, interesting, and heart warming.

  21. What a wonderful tribute to all these kitties who left us. I knew them too and yes it is so nice to know the Kitty Blogworld ! Of course I and my cats know most of them you mentioned.

  22. It was certainly a sad week and those kitties will be missed. What a nice tribute to them all.

  23. wow, thanks for mentioning us! We started blogging because of Max - like most kitties did when we started. Max was the original that we could find, although Nikita was blogging on his daddy's blog before that.

  24. That's a wonderful post and tribute. There are a lot of great kitties and their beans out there that keep the CB going.

  25. Thanks for letting us know you mentioned us here and we are happy to meet you!! AND Happy Gotchaversary!! We need to spend some time reading your blog and meeting you properly.
    We started commenting at blogs before we started our own, about 6 months earlier, in 2004. Mom googled "tuxedo cats" and the rest is history!
    The first cat we met was Timothy Dickens who still posts occasionally. Then Max. Then Oreo.(The one from Tennessee that you mentioned here). There was just a handful of original bloggers, it was easy to visit everyone every day! Two other ones that were there before us (2004) were Jasper McKitten Cat and William of Mass Destruction.Those two are still going strong. Edsel the Pooch (he's a cat) and Beau (beausbloggie) are two other early ones who were are our friends. Then Mom Robin of HotMBC (House of the Mostly Black Cats) got us together as a group and the Cat Blogosphere was born, where messages could be left and news exchanged. There are so many many, many.......blogs out there now.

  26. This is a lovely post. I'm sure the kitties had a wonderful life and we will all remember them.

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  28. Hi TK and Squashies! I didn't do much visiting on Friday, so I'm afraid I missed your wonderful post! I have been blogging since March this year and I only knew Eric a little, but before I started my blog I used to visit Luxor and follow his stories. I didn't know Molly at all but visited her blog after I heard her sad news. I was following Winnie's story with great interest and hoping that her tiny body could recover from the hardship she had known outdoors, alas it was not so.

    It has been a tough week for the CB with very many heavy hearts. I love this community of cats and cat lovers and am truly impressed of how kind and supportive everyone is. The first cat I met was Huffle Mawson who generously introduced me to many of the new friends I have today!

  29. First, belated Happy Gotcha Day! May you have many many many years of happiness, health, safety, adventure and love in your wonderful forever home!

    Second, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words I hope you will visit again soon.

    Third, you are so right about this blogging community...we ROCK! The Power of the Paw is awesome and we, too, feel blessed to be a part of it!

    Finally, Please visit my blog. There is an award we want to share...and LOTS of bloggers (including us) who want to get to know you better!

  30. TK and Squashies, my mum and I would like to help your mum with her research. You can find my email address on my blog. I've been going for nearly three years now and I still love blogging.

  31. TK and Squashies, I'm so touched by all your research and this tribute to the precious kitties we lost this past week. Hugs & purrs to you!

    Luxie's Mom

  32. Gosh, thanks for mentioning us as "legends".

    We started blogging in early Nov 2005 after Mom found Max the Psychokitty, who was our inspiration. In the early days it was easy to keep up with everyone and greet newcomers, such as Fat Eric & Lux were back then. Now, our group has grown so large, no one can keep up!

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  34. What a lovely post my friends. It has been a very hard time for the kitty bloggers of late.