Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Squashies' Imaginings

Hello Blog furrends, TK here.
Mommy and daddy spended the day out shoveling the neighborhood's snows.  They always helps the older peoples shovel cause it is harder for them, specshully when the snows is so tall.  When mommy comes in to give us our lunch, she says she's noticing that she not a spring-chicken anymore either.  So I loans her my heatypad while we eats.

Then she puts me in my harness to go outside!?! I think the snows freeze her brain- there is no ways I's going out there!  So while she was inviting me out, Squashies goes out the door.  I know.. right?  Squashies never wants to goes out. 

*Squashies Imagination Sequence*
"Squashies, the world renowned explorer, leading her expedition into the vastly unexplored, frozen tundra of Maryland."

"Ever cautious, her steely gaze notes the footprints of a rare and dangerous predator, the vishus Deere snow blower."

“Wary of the weakening state of the inexperienced members of the expedition,
the brave adventurer leads her group to safety through the vast 'Sidewalk Chasm’”

"The expedition will seek the shelter of the base station to weather the ni..... *POOF*
HEY someone left treats on the stoop!"

Meanwhile, back at the base station:

"Yeah, I thinks I'll pass."


  1. That sure is lots of snow, you were very brave to go out exploring Squashies!

  2. Snow! It is boiling hot here at 37 degrees centigrade. I am enjoying the airconditioning today. Squashies is very very brave going through that wilderness.

  3. Hi kitties! I saw you started following my blog so I thought I'd drop in and say hello. I live in Melbourne Australia and it's very very hot here so we have no snow.

    It's nice to meet you both. And my mum's initials are TK so she thinks you are just wonderful.

  4. It's nice to meet both of you!
    I think you two are very cool kitties!

  5. Squashies is a very brave explorer!

  6. Wow!!
    You can walk outside in the snow
    looks really cool ....

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  7. Thank you for visiting I HAVE CAT! I'm happy to have found your blog and can't wait to read more about the adventures of Squashie and TK!
    I noticed in the cat profile it took them a long time ot find their forever home - how old were they when you got them? so cute that they are sibling! They look close!

    Love the pictures of Squashie exploring in the snow! She looks like a mini-cow! (the spots, not in girth of course!)
    T, Kip and Petie!

  8. Wow, we have never seen snow before. A lot of rain, and some hail from time to time, but no snow. Squashie is very brave (or crazy?).

    Thanks for visiting us today. We need to add you to our favorite bloggie list so we can visit you more often. Purrs, Raymond and Busby

  9. This is a great blog. And Squashie, you were very brave to go outside. That snow is really, really deep. Glad you didn't get lost. But it looks like you really had fun on your adventure.
    And thanks so much for visiting our blog. Have a great day.

  10. Holy smoke, Squashies, why would yoo go out inna snow! Yoo must be furry brave. TK's gots da right idea...inside watching da snow from da warm house.

  11. Hi Squashies!
    This is my first time here! I'm Katie... a friend of I Have Cat's. Nice to meet you. I'm the cat and the brains behind the operation "Glogirly - Tails Of A Cat And Her Girl." I live in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, so snow is no stranger. But Glogirly says I can't go outside. Just one of the many rules around here. Stop by and say hello sometime!

    (Glogirly's Cat

  12. That's a lot of snow! We're just content watching you walk in it and not us!!

  13. You know i should probably tells you- Squashies is not allowed to go outside without her super-harness. She just sneaked out. Mommy figured she wouldn't jump in the snow so she was probably safe.

  14. @ihavecats- we not really know how old we are. The VET thinks I'm like 10 years old, and Squashies is like 6. But of course, she can't really know. We aren't really siblings- but we were in prison together for 6 months and we came from the same home.

  15. WOWZA! That's a LOT of snowz you haz! We live in BUFFALO, NY... and it seems you got what we usually get! But you know what? U can Haz it!

    You had asked on our bloggy where we got our sunflower cat tree... I wanted to post it to your blog so you'd get the URL-

    That's the place and we did have it shipped... He does do cat shows and did do the National one last year near you! Shipping is expensive and if you get it at a show and can move it yourself... It's a big savings... ALSO he ran a special last spring 20% off and that's when I bought ours.

  16. Wow kitties ! that's a lot of snow ! Arthur would disappear in it ! We have never seen such a lot of snow in real ! Only on pictures we usually get just enough to cover your shoes.

  17. Holy mackeral! Dats a lot of snow! It's even bigger than you, Squashies!

    You have a very cute blog! Keep up the good work!

    Stay warm and dry you guys!

  18. Love your pics from the tundra....looks alot like our Iowa home. We too have received over 50" of snow this year...this is crazy weather and we want to hold our breath till spring arrives. Only 37 more days! Thanks for attending Gracie's birthday party! We had fun, despite the snow!

  19. Wowza! Squashies sure is adventurous! I'm with you, TK, I'll stay IN!