Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring is coming!

I notices today that the days are getting longer, so I wants to post a nice spring picshur to reminds everykitteh that it not snow forever!

We can't wait for our Saturday picnics to starts back up again!

But it makes me a little bit sad that my Speshul Friend Poppy Q's autumn is coming and she is really liking being outside in the summer airs.

So that's all fur nows. Has a great day blog friends!


  1. Oh goodness yes spring! I want to get some nice patio furniture for my tiny piece of concrete behind the condo for me and Tygana to enjoy!

  2. Oh we really need spring to come soon - we are tired of all the snow. That is one thing that Poppy is lucky about, even though their fall and winter are coming, it won't snow there.

    We love the spring picture - it give us hope for warm weather.

  3. YAY! Spring! We're ready too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. We can't wait for Spring and all the new flowers and mousies, and all the new leaves on the trees and mousies.....

  5. wow, you guys have such cool leashes, i want one like that!

  6. I'm still camping TK, so I am pretending it is not autumn yet.