Thursday, February 18, 2010

Midnight's extreme climbing entry- outdoor

Midnight was mommy's little feral kitteh. He was the first cat to own her. He went out on his evening patrol on July 23, 2008 just before a sever flash flood, and she never saw him again.  She misses him, and hope he's okay where ever he is... He opened mommy's and daddy's hearts to the love of cats and it was because of him that they adopted us. (Photo taken from the second story deck.)
I'm not sure if he qualifies, but we wanted to share anyway. (We writes about him a little more later.)


  1. Well, since we are hosting, and there are no rules to the cat-o-lympics, we say Midnight qualifies. We have entries for cats who had to go to the bridge too.

  2. Midnight is a beautiful kitty and we think this is a wonderful entry...I know from experience, not knowing what happened to him is heartbreaking=very sorry for his loss to you and hope he is well and being taken care of somewhere else.

  3. He is a very good climber. It is very sad that he went missing. We hope he is safe and happy in another home somewhere.