Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tasty Tuesday

Hi Blog friends, TK here.
It was 96 degrees here today. More like July than April. It was HOT!
So we broke out our Summer schedule and went outside to eat some tasty grass.

Nom Nom Nom.
Om Nom Nom!

Squashies came out too, but she really doesn't like how her harness pulls her long hairs, so she never stays out too long.

We hopes everyone gots to enjoy some summer too!


  1. Hi

    Wow!! 96 degrees - that is practically high summer here!!

    Aww TK you really are enjoying that grass - it's always good to eat up your greens! And Squashies you look so cute with your pink collar!

    Me and Charlie are very envious of your warm summer - it was very windy and quite chilly here!

    Take care

  2. Oh Squashies! You look beautiful out in the sun. I just love your arrangement of black and white fur. My sister and I used to have 1 black spot on top of our head, but they faded and now we're solid white. Makes it hard for our humans to tell us apart. Keep looking gorgeous! ~Daisy Mae and Lily Belle

  3. 96 degrees! Holy mackerel, that's hot!

  4. Wow 96 is too hot for us! We had about 76 and that was nice! And 96 in April sounds crazy - but it is great that you got to have fun outside!!

  5. Tasty grass sounds nice. It was quite cloudy here but no real rain yet.

  6. Oh wow 96 degrees! Thats really warm! It was in the high 60s here today and I spent the whole day napping in the sun

  7. Enjoy your sunshines - sounds like the weather is just getting better and better for you.

  8. 96 degrees! Wow! We had mid-20s celcius on the weekend and that was perfect. We'd wilt in 96F weather!

  9. We love your beautiful new header, your Mom is very talented!...Wow, you guys are having some really hot weather already; it's been around 80 here in Louisiana...We love your outdoor pictures; TK, you are so handsome chowing down on that grass and Squashies, you are just gorgeous with your pretty pink harness...We really love you guys and are so happy to be your friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Y'all sure are looking good and having some fun to boot!

  11. We hardly ever get up to 96 degrees here in the mountains. The grass looks delish. We had lots of sunshine, but the temperature in in the 40s with a cold wind blowing. It's suppose to warm up for the weekend, though.

  12. So you enjoyed your early summer!!
    You look so beautiful in the outdoor with green!!

    BTW,yes,we all learned the cherry blossom in your country was a gift from our country. It is in the text book!
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful cherry blossoms in your country!!

  13. Holy hotness! You both look like you're having fun and looks like Squashies is spying an introoder?

  14. Cor! What wonderful heat! Could you send some over to the UK please, we are shivering.

    You can get different harnesses, sort of fatter and padded so they don't pinch out long hairs. We think we have seen them on Daisy The Curly Cats blog. Squashies might prefer that?

    Take it easy in that heat guys!

    Whicky Wuudler

  15. Horribly hot weather way to soon. I hope the t-storm predicted for tomorrow and Friday ushers in some more normal temperatures. We've had 91 and 92 the last two days.
    Madi and Mom