Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cherry Blossoms!

Hi Blog friends, TK here.

On Thursday mommy and daddy leaves us all alone so they can go to Washington DeeCee to see the cherry blossoms. When they gets home they tells us and shows us all the picshurs of their visit. This post is about their trip as they splain it to us.

They takes the train in to DeeCee because there is never any place to park. So they takes the Orange line from New Carrollton to the Smithsonian stop.
So first then they had to get to the cherry trees. So they got off of the train and walked.

They had to walks down the National Mall past all the Smithsonian museums, lots of Federal buildings and the Washington monument.

 Then they visits the World War II monument that they puts right at the end of the reflecting pool!

Then they had to walk down the reflecting pool, which was full of algae this year due to the rain. This duck didn't seem to mind at all!

And then they went right up to the Lincoln memorial.
This was taken from President Lincoln's house. Mommy always sais "Jenny!" whenever she sees this picture, I don't know why. She sais it is about some man named Forest Gump.

This is Mr. Lincoln hisself!

This all the pretty cherry blossoms. Mommy sais they were very white this year.

This is a picshur of President Jefferson's house from across the "Tidal basin".

This President Jefferson hisself.

So then they has crabcake samitchs in a nice resturant, and they not bring any home for us!?!

Then mommy and daddy walks and walks to goes to a art museum with paintings of people's faces. They weren't allowed to take picshurs there, so we didn't get to see.

When they comes home, we were very hungry for crabcakes, but we eats our regular dinner and mommy and daddy were very tired and mommy falls asleep right in her chair!

 We hopes you likes our telling of a trip we not go on, with crabcakes we not eatted.


  1. It sounds like they had a lovey time! Enjoy the people now that they are back. I hope you get some treats!

  2. The cherry blossom looked beautiful. It looks like they had a good time.

  3. They had a lovely trip and oh, those are such wonderful cherry tree blossoms! It's usually May or very early June before our fruit trees blossom.

    But they didn't bring you back any crab cakes? How inconsiderate! We hope you get some extra treats to make up for that oversight!

  4. Happy Easter TK & Squashies, I'm sad that you didn't get to eat the crabcakes but you did tell a very good story about the trip.

    Whicky Wuudler

  5. It looks like your parents had a wonderful, fun trip; sorry you had to hear about the crabcakes without getting any!...I'm sure Mom and Dad had extra cuddles for you guys though!...Happy Easter, you sweethearts!...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki

  6. The pictures are beautiful! Our mom loves cherry blossoms!

  7. Awww TK!

    What a lovely piece about your mum and dad's trip to see the beautiful cherry blossoms and go to all these very interesting places and monuments and museums.

    I do hope your mum and dad returned with lots of treats for you and Squashies!


    Take care

  8. The pictures are beautiful, I can't believe you didn't get any crab cakes though!

  9. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Just beautiful!

  10. Gorgeous! Mom has always wanted to go!

  11. WONDERFUL post!!
    Thank you for letting us know about cherry blossoms in your country!
    Our mom went cherry blossom viewing yesterday,too!
    She's gonna blog about it soon.
    But,we agree that it is always more important what our parents bring us home than telling us about the cherry blossoms!

  12. wowee, that looks like quite a trip! it is a sham though that you did not get to go or eat any crabcakes.

  13. My mom always loves those flowering trees. We have a lot of golden forsythias in bloom here.

  14. Our mama was there as a teenager.......that's been like a gazillion years ago. She soooooo loved the pics and thanks you for posting them....brought back many memories of her time there with her Mom and Dad.


  15. Looks like it was a lovely day for a visit, how lucky you are to have such interesting places close by.