Saturday, April 17, 2010


Every morning I wakes mommy at 4am. She never seems to mind. She gives me a scritchs on the head in the vain hopes that I’ll take a nap, and she can catch a few more winks. Sometimes I let her go back to sleep for a few minutes, but most of the time I’m just too hungry to go along with that game.

So with my big manly paw on her face, I signal that it is time to get up. After she groans and slowly swings to the side of the bed, she usually gives Squashies and me a pet-pet good morning. Then she gets up and goes to the bean’s litter room with the shuffle-walk of the partially-living dead.

We are very pashunt.

 We sits in the hall til she makes that splashy noise that means it is time to run down the steps like a wild herd.

Then we both takes our places in the kitchen to watch the ‘Zombie-Mombie’ show.
As our drama begins, mombie comes into the kitchen and fumbles on the wall for the light switch that has been in the same place for EVER.

This is when the hardest part of our day starts. We has to wait while mombie fumbles through the food drawer, picks a can and relearns how to use a pull-top. It’s painful to watch… not because mombie struggles, but because we are so very tail-quiveringly hungry. I’m pretty sure if she put it on the floor Squashies could use her thumbs to open the can faster.

The food is then put into a bowl, chopped, covered and put in the microwave for 12 seconds. Not so hard right? Wrong!  Meanwhile, Squashies paces.

With the ding of the microwave we all rotate to our next positions- Squashies to her table in the not-so-sunny-for-breakfast room and me to my placemat in the living room. You might wonder why we is served in two rooms. Let’s just say that Squashies eats very slowly and I eats very, very fast.

This is when mombie’s hardest part of the day starts. She has to sit at the table and waits for Squashies to eat her food, without falling asleep. It takes my little sister 10-12 minutes to eat 1 ounce of food!?! After the first 2 minutes, the time it takes me to eat 2 ounces of food, Mombie can not waver, for I am sitting at her feet waiting for her to faulter…

After 5 minutes, Squashies does her first pretend bury. This involves scratching the table and bumping her bowl around with her foot. Mombie then gets up and gives us each 2 temptashuns, mostly for me being a good boy and not jumping on the table.

Generally by the third pretend-bury, Squashies is really done. Then mombie puts the bowl on the floor for my inspecshun. She does this in an attempt to teach me not to jump up on the table. It doesn’t really train me, I am a cat after all, but it does save me the effort of jumping on the table for the necessary examinashun.

After I have thoroughly inspect the bowl, sometimes getting a lick of juice, mombie gets up, washes our bowls, scoops the liter pan, and shuffles back up the steps and falls into bed.

In the next two hours mombie will transform into the mommy we all know and love. But each day, in the wee hours of the morning, we lucky cats get to watch the dead rise!

P.S. mombie takes the fotos for this post. As you can see zombies can't take picshurs very good.


  1. oh. my. cat. This is priceless! We need to take lessons from you in mombie-mind-control. We have to wait until almost 6 a.m. to get fed and only then after we raise the roof and the alarm box has gone off a few times. You RULE!

    xx Lounge Kats

  2. Awwww What a great mombie - I meant mommie!!!!


    I hope you both give her lots of cuddles and purry hugs for being so lovely at 4 am!! LOL!!

    You two are so lovely to wake up to though!

    Take care

  3. You are lucky to have a mombie. Mine wouldn't even move at 6 AM and she only feeds us in the evening! Sigh.

  4. You have a good mom. Ours won't feed us until she gets up. Eric walks on her head and I jump on her bladder, but she says 'Go back to sleep!' and pulls the quilt over her head.

  5. I can relate to that, we start waking our humans around 4am too, I've often wondered why they don't know the proper time to get up. They are Zombies, that explains a lot, I mean a lot!

  6. You have such a patient Zombie Mombie! And you are such a good boy for not tying to steal Squashies food. Pandora is the QUEEN pretend buryer in our house.

  7. Wow, TK and Squashies, you guys have really got your Mommy trained well; we have to throw up to get our Mommy out of bed at 4 am!!MOL...We are very impressed with your Mommy, can we come live with you?...TK, you are such a sweetheart to let Squashies eat in peace; Sukki is the food stealer here...Your Mommy is the best!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Haha! Our mornings start a lot like yours!! We have a mombie too!!

  9. Cute story, I sympathize with your Mombie.

  10. Oh My Cod, Mombie Zombie! It's like that here too. How hard is it to open a can?! LOL

  11. Well I can tell you one thing I will not let Madi see this....she would LOVE to eat at 4:30 am that way she could squeeze in another breakfast at about 10am. HA. You two have one fantastic MOM. BTW we heard if you eat slowly you don't gain weight.
    Happy Sunday Madi and Mom

  12. You have a pawsome mombie!!!!!!!!! And you are a very handsome fella, TK.....and Squashies is absolutely gorgeous. Andy is sure Squashies and him have to be cousins!!! :)

  13. You babies must be awesome to train your mommy that way!

  14. Hahahaha! I love the term "mombie"!

  15. The microwave ding is great, that always means good food! It's better when the squishies are fresh out of a new can. -- Zazou

  16. Great job on getting your mom up! I too have my human well trained. As I am an old guy, she'll pretty much do whatever I want, so I often get her up many times a night! Love the term, MOMBIE ZOMBIE--my mom has a hard time w/ getting up too! You are very cute kitties!

  17. Ah, the 2 of you have your human staff very well trained indeed!

  18. Oops.....
    Mombie Zombie :-)
    Lovely post !!
    I have trained my mommy also very well ;)

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  19. Hey there TK
    I think your story of the 'rising of the dead' is delightful!!! What patience you have! If only these humans can have the speed and agility that cats have...the world (cat world) would be a better place.
    Please tell mom she takes gorgeous pictures! ...when she is awake - like the previous post. I just love your fur, TK - as I've said before - it's just like Mom's rainbow kitty, Tinny!

  20. Wonderfurr pictures!We have a mombie too!!!:)
    Holy whiskers, you got a wonderfurr mombie!

  21. you guys have quite the routine. even though i am the most spoiledest kitteh in the world, my mommeh would NEVER do that for me, haha. i eat when she gets home from the work place at night. if i try to wake her at 4am i get shoved off the bed!

  22. Zombie-Mombie? Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha!

  23. I like to remind my mum at 6.30am that it is breakfast time. There is nearly always biscuits in my bowl already, and she never gets up til she is ready, so sometimes I have to nap on top of her til she wakes up.

    Your mommy must love you both very much to get up at 4am.