Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We are home!

We finally gets home from our trips. We is so very sorry we not gets to blogs much, but the innernets not gud to post picshurs and mommy not has any pashuns.

So this what we did:

After we leeves Canada on July then we takes a nice leasurely tour through UpState Noo York, in search of some cools.  First we goes to Rochester, Noo York where we gets ourVan last year. We stops at the woorld famous Jell-O museum.

Dis ourVan at the world famous Jell-O museum!
Okay so this not the biggest tourist place ever, but LeRoy Noo York is a very nice town. We spends the night there too. I sampled some of the grass in their village green, it was quite tasty!

Then we heads east and spends a night at a rest stops so we can gets to Syracuse, Noo York.  When we gets there we stays the night at WallyWorld acause mommy needs to get the oil changed in ourVan.  When we gets the oil changed, Squashies and me gets to ride up on the lift!  Squashies not thinks this was too much fun and hides in her little hidey-hole under the bed that mommy makes fur her. I not likes the hidey-hole acause I can't fit in it, and I just knows that there are treats in there!

So then we finds this grate campground that has green lakes! (Don't ask Mommy about the picshurs from this part, acause she might starts to cry again.) The water was really green but not in a dirty way. I smells it, and it was not stinky or anything.

This campgrounds had chewy grass, but it was good, and when I goes for my walks in the morning and after dinners, all the childern cames to pet me!  I was quite the star. One ladee takes my picshur with a card that sais "Cat on a leash".  She was doing a scavanger hunt.  She was very happy to see me.

We likes it there lots, and so we stayed a whole week. Mommy takes out ourFence so we can sit outside while she works. But don't worry kitties we not allowed to stays outside by ourselves. (We shows you a picshur of that later.)

All this purrty sure makes a kitty tired!

Then we spends the weekend driving through the back roads of the Adirondack. It was so purrty.  Mommy stops lots to bisit with the peeple that has town fairs. It seems like all the towns was having art shows and stuffs that weekend!  I gets to get out and sample all the grass, but Squashies not want to puts her harness on, so she guards ourVan while we walks.

This me sitting on top of a glacier rock in the Adirondacks. These big round rocks is everywhere in Noo York.

 Then the next day we goes to takes a ferry ride to Vermont!  It started out as fun, but then it gets the hots, and we not allowed to runs our engine or generator. Mommy gets a worry-worry and takes the big water bottle out of the fridge so Squashies and me can get a cool. We both lays down next to it for most of the trip.

ourVan on the Ferry from Port Kent, New York to Burlington, Vermont.
So then we drives through Vermont. Burlington is a nice city with lots of purrty houses.  We drives until 6 oclock cause that's when we eats.  Mommy finds a WallyWorld in Montipeller, VT so we stays there for the night.  The grass their was delectable!

Then we goes to one of Mommy's favorite places: The White mountains in Noo Hampshire- "Home of the worst weather on Earth".  Is ok, kitties, the weather is mostly bad in the winter.

Now I knows you has a picshur in your head about white mountains, but they is not white! But they is very cool. So while our poor Daddy has the hots at home, we was nice cool!
We stays at the Mt.Washington Cog Railway for a few days, as you can sees we has a nice place, and it was free acause Mommy has a park pass.  As you can tells from the picshur, there was plenty of grass to sample. Let me tell you kitties, mountain grass is the bestest!

ourVan at the BaseCamp of the Cog Railway.

Then Mommy has to do laundries so we goes to town. (She not brings us toona like she did when she does laundry in Canada! Hmmph!)

After we has clean laundry we drives to the other side of the mountains to the Mt.Washington Auto road.  We stays there for 2 nights to waits when Mommy not has to work so we can go up. But they not lets us go up in ourVan acause they sais we is too heavy.  I offers to stay down acause I know I'm very heavy, but Mommy sais is all our stuff that is too heavy, not me.

This ourVan at the Auto road parking lot with a beautiful birch forest behind us.
The whole time we is in the mountains it not get hotter than 83f, most days it stays in the 70s. So we tells Mommy she should go up the Auto Road without us. So she rides up.  Mommy loves history so was fun to go up on the 150th anniversary of the road.

We is going to stops now, acause the next part of our trip, we travels to Bar Harbor, Maine.

We hopes you likes our storee!


  1. You all sure did have quite the exciting adventure! Welcome home, we have been missing you!

  2. I do like your storee sweet ones..I love you TK and Squashies and your storee..and look forward to more.

    xxoxooxoxx missed you.

  3. Glad you got home safely! And have a nice nap okay?

  4. Wow! What a trip you had!! We can't wait to hear more!!

  5. What a great trip! Thank you for sharing about your wonderful adventures with us. :)

    Welcome home, TK and Squashies! We've missed you!

  6. Welcome back TK and Squashies!
    We have missed you!
    We lug your stories and we can't wait for the rest of it!

  7. Such amazing travels to places my humans like very much, but haven't visited in lots and lots of years. Looking forward to the next installment too!

  8. Welcome home kitties!!! What a nice trip you had :-)

  9. Welcome back! Loved the story and pictures! We just love your van!

  10. Welcome Back ! and this is cool ever !
    Not much cats in the world can have amazing trip like you ! Thanks for share your adventures . Have a good rest

  11. Wow, what an adventure! We can't imagine travelling like that and are a bit jealous. You know, you could both could write a book, with your mom's help, about all your travels!

  12. Beautiful TK and adorable Squashies!! Me and Charlie LOVE your storee!!! Awwwww it's so brilliant!! We hope that mum makes your adventures into a book cos it's fantastic!! All that grass to eat in several US states and in Canada!! Yay!!! And you got to go walkies too in brilliant parks and visit all these fab sites! Glad you both were ok with the hot weather too! We really look forward to the next part!! Yay!!!! Hugs and purrs, take care

  13. You are so lucky to have these adventures. Mom is liking it cuz she grew up in New England and misses it - plus she spent a lot of time in Canada too. Mom left an email for your mom.


  15. You are having such wonderful travels. We are enjoying seeing the places you went to.

  16. Wow kitties, this is most excellent. We love hearing about your trips and you two look real tuckered-out after that walk! Cute picture of you both snoozing!

  17. What a grand story and wonderful pictures!!!!!

    Shelly says she would love to live in a van travelling around!!!!!!!!!!

    We love y'all very much.

  18. Looks like you all had a nice trip. Such luxurious living for you two on the road. :)

  19. We're looking at this really, really, late, but still we like it cuz it has lots of fun pictures and information and like that we were able to travel with you without leaving our warm, cozy beds (we have had a cold, wet summer)...thanks for sharing your fun times with us and your collection of grass critiques could be quite useful to some other cats out there, we're sure! Purrs and woofs, Lautrec, Tiny, Ellwood and Ginger