Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Marilynn! And OurVan Update.

Happy Birthday, Marilynn!

So I know I should tell you about all that we've been up to, but to be honest, we've not been up to much.  We eat, we sleep, we cuddle with mommy, and we sleep some more.

TK has been having some very good V-E-T visits.  His weight loss has steadily increased and is now about 2 ounces per month. He has lost 2lbs. since mommy first came to take us to our furrever home.  He weighs 19lbs 6ozs.  Way-to-go, Big brofur!

OurVan waits, poised to begin our adventures!  Mommy is starting to plan our trip. We are going to Titusville, Florida, on the last week of February, to see a Space Shuttle launch. Originally we were going to see Endevour (STS 134), but now we might get to see Discovery's last launch (STS 133).  Mommy says we are staying until a Shuttle takes-off.  I hope we have lots of food. These things are unpor, unpred, it's very hard to know when it will happen.

After we watch the rocket, we are going down to West Palm Beach to visit our Grandma and Pop-pop!  We are very excited for that part of the trip because we've never seen their snow-bird home!  I wonder if we will be allowed to catch the snow-birds. Mommy always says "Squashies, No-No," when I stalk the birds on our deck.

Anyway, that is all the plans for now. We hope every kitty has a great day!
Love, Squashies


  1. Those are good plans for heading towards the warmer places: I hope Florida doesn't have a cold snap while you are there. My grandpa used to be a real buff of space stuff when he was alive, and Mom has a neat picture he took of a rocket launch.
    No, I think the snowbirds are too big for you to catch. And a bit too chewy.

  2. Wow, a shuttle launch will be amazing to see, at least for your mom! Sounds like it will be a great trip!

  3. MEOWZA!!!!!!!!! Sounds like a super trip.....a shuttle launch, and visiting your grandma and Pop-pop also!!!!!!!

    We love y'all bunches and bunches.....

    Sammy, Andy and Auntie Judi.

  4. We wish we were going somewhere warm and to see that big bird thing fly up into the sky.

  5. Y'all will have a great time! My Dad saw a shuttle launch and he said it was sure something to see. Okay, back to napping everyone!

  6. TK and Squashies what fun you have in store. Are you going to be RV kitties? Mom and I have a K9 friend Raider who is an RV puppy!!! He is a golden retriever but manages just fine. As I know you two will. We look forward to shuttle pictures.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Oh my GOODNESS TK and Squashies! Mommy lived (a squillion years ago) in Melborne FLA. and we were in Titusville bunches and squillions of times as her husband worked at the Cape. Mommy loves FLA.

    You are going to have lots of fun and the will be lots of fuds and sleeps!! Enjoy your grandpawrents. ♥

  8. TK and Squashies
    WE can tell you it's cold here in Northern Florida but by week's end it's supposed to be back up in the 70's. The Space Shuttle keeps getting delayed one thing or another...but we hope that it will make it up the next time. We are gonna enjoy hearing all about your adventure.


  9. Beautiful Squashies!!! Thank you so much for your fun post!! Wow you are really travelling places!! Yay!! Me and Charlie are so happy to hear that gorgeus TK is doing very well with his diet!! You have every reason to be very proud of him!!!

    We wish you a safe and fun trip!! We look forward to hearing of your adventures - especially as you prepare to see Grandma and Pop-pop!! Yay!!

    Happy birthday to Marilyn!! Take care

  10. What wonderful adventures you will have. It will be exciting to see the Space Shuttle taking off.

  11. Oooh! TK is becoming seksay!!! Purrliss haf an amazing trip and share wif us your pikshurs!!!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  12. TK, concats on the weight loss!

    How exciting to take a trip in your Van! Wish we could come too.

  13. We are happy to hear that TK is better!

    Space launch? Is it like a taxi?
    Will there be aliens?

    Can't wait to hear more!

    From your loving buddies, Lucky & Co.

  14. Oh wow, you are going to have some great adventures!

  15. That sounds PAWSOME! Oliver and Ruby

  16. Sounds like fun. We never saw the shuttle launch but heard the sonic boom when it comes back to earth. Our beans lived in FL for 10 years.

  17. Hi Miss Squashies! We're glad to hear things are going good for you all - and that's great about Mr. TK's weight! We hope you enjoy your travels!!!

  18. Wowie! You will be having some big adventures soon. We can't wait to hear more!

  19. Wow you are going to see Space Shuttle launch!! It is so cool!
    Long time ago, I went to see the launch in FL and it was so amazing. I hope it will happen soon and you will enjoy!

  20. Wow...
    Sounds really cool !!!
    I wish we could join you :-)
    Enjoy and have fun ...

    Hugs to all
    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie =@^.^@=

  21. Happy Birthday!!!
    Wow! That sounds like a great trip! I saw one of the skylab rockets take off once way back when... really amazing!
    You know, I've just been scrolling through your blog here... so many beautiful cats (and a few doggies too!)!
    Have a great time!\