Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Found: One Baby Bird

So I is gonna tell about what happens last Friday when we was getting ready for our weekend. Mommy was winding down from a busy week and daddy was going out to water the lawns when daddy comes back in and tells mommy to comes outsides and shows her a baby birdy that falled out of hims nest! So mommy and daddy looks all around in the bushes and trees to finds the nest so they can puts him back in, but they not can finds it.

When mommy comes back in I can tells she has a big sad. She sits in her chair, then she grabses her computer and starts googling “found nestlings”. Then she finds a page that tells her how to takes care of it, so she runs upstairs and gets a shoey-box, one of daddy’s soft tee-shirts* and my heaty-pad. She went outside and pickeded the baby birdy up and puts him in the box with the shirt all wrapped around.

Baby Birdie (the shirt was clean when she puts him in der, but him a messier eatter than Squashies, and mommy not thinks to take hims picshur til later.)

She reads more that sais after baby birdy is warm that him has to eat every 15 minutes during the days. I was thinking I should peeps and maybe I gets feeded that much too!

So she goes into the kitshen and I thinks it is time to eats because mommy goes to OUR cabernet and gets a can of OUR toona. But she not feeds us; she opens the can and then opens the box and starts giving the birdy OUR food! Can you believe that?!?

Every time mommy opens the box the little baby birdie opens hims mouth really wide and mommy takes a little toona in tweezers and drops it in hims big wide open mouth. He sure eatted a lot of toona for a little baby birdie! So I sits next to her an starts peeping likes the birdie wif my mouth open and everything. But I not gets any toona.

Baby Birdie nomming our Toona.

But then mommy reads more webbies bout baby birdies and she sees that she has to feeds the baby birdy every 15 minutes during the day for 50 days. 50 DAYS! That’s like a whole life time. My poor mommy would not be able to does anything for like EVER!

So then she starts looking up other webbies about where you can takes found baby birdies. She makes LOTs of telefone calls cause nobody wants a baby birdie on Friday night. Then the Departmints of Nachural Resorses sais she can takes them to this nice-lady-that-takes-care-of-all-the-animals that they knows. When she calls the lady not anser her fones and her message sais that she is feeding all the animals but peoples can drop off animals if they can comes over. So mommy figures she can drives over to her place.

She stops typing in the computer and stops typing on the phone and she starts typing on her blackberries. She sees where the nice-lady-that-takes-care-of-all-the-animals lives. Her blackberries sais that it is over a hour away, but our daddy, him is really smart, sais him knows a shortcut. But mommy not get how to does it, so daddy desides he will take her and the baby birdie to the nice-lady-that-takes-care-of-all-the-animals.

Mommy sais that they not gets to where the nice-lady-that-takes-care-of-all-the-animals lives until 9pm. But the nice-lady-that-takes-care-of-all-the-animals cames out and takes her baby birdie anyways. She must really bees a nice lady. Then she gets mommy to fills in some papers while she goes in and feeds the baby birdie some more foods. The lady was very nice, she not makes mommy feel silly or stoopid for feeding the baby birdie cat food, or for not letting the baby birdie die on the lawns. She sais mommy did a ok job of taking care of the baby birdie for 4 hours. (Mommy sais I should sais that you not apposed to use teeshirts as nests cause they gots chemicals when they gets the washie. She finds this out from the papers that the nice-lady-that-takes-care-of-all-the-animals gives her.)

So we not knows what kind of baby birdie him is, but we hopes the nice-lady-that-takes-care-of-all-the-animals helps him to grows big and strong and can finds hims way in the world.


Dis a flashback picshur of the only time me and Sqaushies ever been in the tree together. 
We not want our friends to misses us while we is talking about the baby birdie.

Pee Ess- Tomorrow mommy wantsa talk about the nice-lady-that-takes-care-of-all-the-animals and her problems wif the mean peoples that moves in next door and then not wants to lives next to her animals, so even though she been there for a very long times, they wants to make HER move.


  1. Our mom found birdies once too, and she took them to a vet because the wildlife preserve place was closed. They were nice and took the birdies til the preserve opened - and they told our mom that cat food was a perfect choice for baby birdies!

    We are glad your mom and dad were so awesome to help out!! We are interested in the rest of the story about the lady!!

  2. I think that your Momma did well. Finding people who know birds can be hard--and it takes awhile!

  3. Your Momma is such a kind human, it is so sad when a little one ends up alone, it always makes our whiskers weepy regardless of the species.

  4. Oh well done your mum and dad for looking after this helpless little baby birdie!!!

    And well done TK and Squashies for giving the baby birdie some of our tuna! Awwww!

    Me and Charlie are so glad the nice lady at Friskys.org was there to help you - she is doing a fantastic job of helping and rehabilitating all these unwanted and orphaned animals. We are booing her new neighbours! How awful for Ms Layton Roberts!

    TK - we are in AWE at your blogging prowess!! This was really lovely to read!
    Take care

  5. Your mum did very well looking after that baby bird until they could get it to the nice lady. You were kind to let it have some of your toona.

  6. Your parents are so kind hearted, TK; that was such a nice thing they did for the baby bird...We had a bird nest under our front patio and our Mommy found one of the babies on the ground a few weeks ago; she got some latex gloves and a ladder and put the baby back in the nest and saved it=she watched the Mommy Bird come back for about 1 week before all 5 babies flew off with her!...We loved the photo of you and beautiful Squashies hanging out in the cat tree together...kisses x3 sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Aw, your mom is a nice lady. She did a good job of saving the baby birdie. It's a shame the neighbors don't like the lady who saves animals.

  8. What a very nice story. All little things are cute.
    Cats are cutest,

  9. How nice that your mom tried to take care of that baby birdie. We're glad she was able to find the nice lady that takes care of all the animals. We hope the baby birdie will be okay. We didn't know baby birdies ate toona.

  10. Your Mommy & Daddy and the nice Lady are Birdie Heros. We thinks it might be a baby Robin.

  11. Your mommy and daddy are very special beans to help get that little birdie to the lady that takes care of all animals! We hope the little birdies grows into a really big birdie and comes back to visits you!

  12. Good job TK mommy. We hope the baby bird is doing ok now.

  13. congratulations for looking after that baby birdie for so long without really knowing what to do. that is an achievement!
    i'm glad you got the bird to the nice-lady-who-takes-care-of-all-the-animals because that means the baby birdie will be safe and looked after.
    i hope he grows up to be big and happy...and that is a lovely photo. we are glad you posted it :)

  14. Give your Mom and Dad a great big hug from us.
    Mom is a lover of all creatures too. We know how very hard it is to take care of baby birds. Mom has a very good friend who is a licensed wild bird rehabber. This time of year she has anything from baby backyard birds all the way to injured adult geese. She has an entire aviary on her property, lives up on a hill away from the rest of the neighbors. The life of a rehabber is very confining. God Bless them all!
    Madi and Mom

  15. Great job with the bird! Our Mom is friends with wildlife rescuers and helps them out sometimes. Always nice to be kind to other babies!

  16. What a great story! We give you mom 4 paws up for taking care of the baby birdy. I'm a litle embarrassed to say it...but we prolly would have nommed the birdy. And that would have made Momma really mad. We're glad the birdy had your mom to help it.

  17. Your Mom is great (and so is the all animal saving lady). We have a family who does that in our town too.

  18. Bless your mama and the nice lady!!!!

    We loved the pic of you together, TK and Squashies....xxxxxxxxxx

  19. What a wonderful story! Your mom and dad have a heart of gold. I am glad the nice lady was able to take the tiny birdie in.

  20. That is SOOOO super sweet of your mommy and daddy to care for that wittle baby bird and take him to a lady who will be sure he/she grows up to be the big birdie he/she is supposed to be!!!

  21. What a great story! What a cute birdie! Mommy found one and had to climb up a tree to put it back in the nest. Your Mommy did a great job! How sweet that your Mommy & Daddy found such a wonderful lady to help the little birdie!

    TK & Squashies.....cute picture of you both!

  22. what dramatic lives you all lead over there!

  23. What a pawsome Mom you has! Such a cute little baby birdie!

  24. This is really touching. You did the right thing. God bless you!

  25. We found a baby robin once and raised him. Yes, we had to feed him every 15 minutes, which meant I was feeding that bird constantly. he grew up and wouldn't leave us, so we took him to a rehabilitator. She got him back into the wild, but about a year later he found our house and wouldn't leave. He lived with us till we moved, then he started staying with our next door neighbor.