Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our SpaceShuttle adventure- days 3, 4 and 5

 Hello Every Kitty. It's me, Sqaushies with our trip update.

As you can see we're all just chilling and having a great time.  On Monday, we hung out at 'The Home Depot' because they have the best wifi.  We stayed in the parking lot the whole day while mommy worked.  Even though it was very hot outside, we were nice and cool inside.

As you can see from the picture above, we have the bed made up so mommy can store stuff under it.  She leaves the comforter on so we have a place to curl up and sleep during the day.  A kitty has to get her beauty rest.

 This is TK doing what he does, even at home- taking mommy's seat when she gets up. It doesn't matter if mommy is sitting on a hard stool, if she gets up, TK wants to sit there.  "On your feet, loose your seat!"

This is our van in the parking lot of paradise. You can see that mommy is not so good at coloring in the lines!?!

And this is a cow truck that came by to get some stuff at The Home Depot.  TK said I had to get on the truck, because I'm a cow-kitty. But I said "NO!"

So on Tuesday we goes to our camping site. Now we know our furend Daisy is very famous!  And we know that Florida is HER state. But did you know that we are camping on a street named after her?  It is true!

 Mommy forgot to take pictures of our site, but we'll get some when we go back. Because....

Today we are getting ready for the Shuttle launch and our new furends at the campground (they have 3 kitties- we'll get pictures of them too,) said we have to find a place today because their won't be any places tomorrow.  So this is where we are.

Not a bad place to have an office!

This is the view out mommy's office window!

Uh-Oh I don't think that birdie can read the sign!

 I hope he doesn't get eaten!

 That's our update for today!

We would likes to ask our furends to sends some purrs fur our cousin cat, Riley who is very sick and in the hospital. Get better soon Little Riley, Uncle Tony needs you!


  1. You're all certainly having quite the adventure! Nice that your mom can work from wherever there's an internet connection!

    Lots of purrs for Riley, we truly hope he gets well!

  2. Oh Squashies, what a great update and you posted those pictures just exactly right. By the way, around here it also has always been so that on your feet:loose your seat. No one disturbs the cat here in this house. You wait till I get up. When the one who came before me was here, it was the same.

    Can't wait to see what you post next and Riley, blessings and purrs, sweet one.

  3. Your adventure looks like a dream come true! I am glad you got to visit my special street, Daisy Lane.

    We are purring and purring for Riley to get better soon.

  4. Such a great adventure and I hope the shuttle goes off on schedule. We all send our purrs to sweet Riley. Y'all be safe!

  5. Oh we love your view and when the Shuttle goes up you have a front row seat! Good for you.

    We did not know that Home Depot had the best wifi -- how interesting.

    We will send healing purrs to Riley and hope he doesn't have to stay too long in the hospital.


  6. Oh wow, look what happens when mom gets lazy, er, bizzy and we don't visit. Yoor on an adevenchur and we din't even know it! Looks like yoor all haffing a good time...we'll add a purr fur Riley.

  7. What a great adventure! I had no idea Daisy had a street named after her--but she is very deserving!

  8. What a neat working vacation for the Mom, and jaunt for the kitties. Mom thinks it is so cool that you are travelling kitties, and enjoying it.

    Sweet Riley, get well quickly!

  9. What a great place for your mum to have her office.You will have a great view when the shuttle goes up.
    We are sending purrs for Riley.

  10. Beautiful Squashies!! You are a wonderful kitty reporter!! Yay!! Me and Charlie are so impressed with your travels and adventures!! We hope you document all these and make it into a really fun travelling with cats book!! You and adorable TK and mum are just fantastic to be doing this road trip!!!! Wow!!!

    Did you see any alligators?!

    We hope that long birdie didn't to see any!!

    We are sending all our purrs and hugs to Little Riley!! We hope he gets better asap!

    Take care

  11. What an awesome adventure you're on! Wow, we're bowled over.

    We're purring for little Riley. Hope he gets better soon.

  12. You sound like your having fun on your road trip! I bet the Space Shuttle Launch will be very interesting.

  13. wow! that is a pretty laid out office you have there! Mommy works at Home Depot? My brother works at one in Florida and with all of the renovations we are doing to our condo the Home Depot in Michigan by my house has become my second home!

  14. What fun you are having!! Your van is really cool!!

    And we send Riley some purrs and we hope he is feeling better soon.

  15. Hi, beautiful Squashies and handsome TK=what a great adventure you guys are enjoying with your Mommy!...We LOVE her office views!...Wishing you all a safe and fun journey, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. PS...Purring for precious Riley to have a speedy recovery!...kisses...CHS

  17. that was a very excellent story!

    smiles, auntie bee

  18. This is just about the best adventure ever - I wish I could be with you! I send my best purrs for Riley.

  19. What a fun time! We'd love to be there with you! Enjoy your Mommy time!

  20. Hey, TK and Squashies....we tried to leave a comment a bit ago, but it may have gotten lost in cyberspace, so we will try again....and hey, if you get two comments from us, what the hey...that's good too, isn't it???????

    We love being with you on your latest helps us kitties that have to stay at home experience the big wide world that's out there.

    We are definitely purraying for your cousin, Riley.

    We love you, TK, Squashies and Auntie.

  21. you have a lot of adventures. I like your laptop. I want one too, just for me me me.

  22. Wow ! This is real !!! Your adventure start and I see my friends in that van..Unbelievable Cool !!! Where ever you go, whatever you do. Please Stay safe !

    I purrs for Riley, I hope he feel better so soon.

  23. Wow, what a great adventure you guys are having!

  24. Wow, we are jealous that you get to hang out with your mom in a van, traveling around. And we never knew that Home Depot has wifi?

  25. Hi, Sqaushies, thank you for the update! Oh you all are having so much fun!!! The view from your mom's office is so beautiful. I wish I could work in a place like that...with my furry kids.
    I hope sweet Riley will get better soon. My kids are purring for Riley.
    Have a safe and fun trip!

  26. Hi, guys. Hope everything is still ok with you, as we were thinking you would have posted some more about your experience with the shuttle launch.

  27. holee cows! you is so verreh busy doing such exciting fings, how pawsome! and of course teh bestest part was Daisy's Lane, MOL. Keep posting!