Monday, February 21, 2011

Our SpaceShuttle adventure- days 1 and 2

Hello every kitty, TK here with the news of our aventure!
So we not gets to post yesterday acause some stuff happens. It was all very exciting!
First we gets on the 95 road that goes all the way from our house to where the space shuttle takes off. And we is going along just fine when we sees a big smokes in the air.
 And then we sees this- The big smokes goes right across the 95 road!
 So this where we stays for the first 3 hours of our trips!  We sees all the peoples with their hands all white knuckle on their steering wheels. Mommy says they has a big stressed.  But mommy turn on our generator and makes a pot of coffee and some poppycorms and gives me my brushings while we watch all the goings on like being in a movie. We sees all the firemans (just like our Daddy!) running around trying to puts out the brush fire in the 50+ mpg winds. There was fires on both sides of the 95 road.  They sure had their hands full!  It was a very big aventure!

So then we gets to Washington DeeCee, and we sees 5 more brush fires alongs the way, but none that stops traffic.  At one we has to get diverted to the middle lanes, so we is not near the fires. Mommy sais that is these are for added over-flow durin rush hour and get switched in direction depending if everyone is going to work or coming home.

So then we has dinner at North Caroline welcome center, and we takes a nap, so Sqaushies can digest and not has a sick. We all just piles in the big bed and snoozed away!

So then we gets going again, but when we gets to Fayettesville, NC, mommy has a big tired so we goes to our favorite campground- Walmart!  But at 4am it was 45 degrees in ourVan. Squashies and I were doing our part to keeps mommy warm- I sleeps on mommy's head and Squashies sleeps on her tummy.  When mommy wakes up she laff-n-laff at us cuddled up.

But was too cold for going back to sleeps, so mommy decides the best way to warm up is to drive. So we starts driving again, in the middle of the night!

Then, when it was breakfast times, we stops at a Flying J truckie stop. We had our breakfast, and I gets my diabetes shots, then we goes back to sleep until is real morning.

Then we drives and drives. Does you know they has a race call Daytoona?  I can't imagine racing toona. But they does, and we drives by. They had miles and miles of tents. Peoples were camping to see the toona race!?!  And this just what we can sees from the 95 road.

Anyway, we gets to Florida, safe and sound. We tells you more tomorrow!
Love, TK


  1. Your Van sounds like an exceptionally good way to travel. Wow, that was quite some excitement with the fires. I bet your Mommy was feeling superior to all the people in justcars, being able to cook and do all sorts of stuff in the van while you were delayed.

    Tell Mom to be safe, though, with sleeping at Walmarts. There could be some crazies out there who want to steal two kitties.

    Looking forward to hearing about Florida.

  2. What a great adventure! I think I would like to travel like that and see all of the sights!

  3. Hi Simba, you gives good advice. Mommy only stays at Walmarts that has parking-lot security cameras. This most of the Super-Centers. We is not paramoid, but we does take normal precashuns.
    Thanks fur the reminder!

  4. I'm glad you made it to Florida, there sure is lots to see along the space coast!

  5. MEOWZA, sweet friends, what an adventure!!!!!!!!!

    We loves how you are keeping your mommy warm, sweeties!!!!! She is so lucky to have y'all with her.

    And we are looking forward to hearing more about your latest big adventure.

    We are having a big adventure also.....with the introduction of Shelly.

    We love y'all so very much....

    The Boys, Shelly and Auntie Judi

  6. My goodness!! Gorgeous TK and adorable Squashies!! You both on some driving adventure with mum!! Wow!! Me and Charlie are in AWE!!! Those smoke palls look absolutely terrifying!! We are so glad you are all ok and made it to Florida!!!! Yay!!!!

    We can't wait for your next adventure!! Take care

  7. oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!!! You two are having the most fabuloustest FUN ever! YourVan sounds like the nicest way to travel, and it's good that you get to stop so Squashies can digest her dinner. We can't wait to see what happens next. It's gonna take some doing to top the racing toonas!

  8. What a fun adventure! I'm not much for the car myself, but hope you have fun!

  9. You weren't too far from me and you went through SC on I-95!

  10. Oh, you two are on the bestest EFFUR adventure. I fink you took wonderful cares of your mommy!!! Those big tireds are hard and you were just purrfect in your understanding and helps.

  11. It sounds like you are having the most exciting adventure. We can't wait to hear more.

  12. Wowie that was some adventure so far.
    It was good you got past the Daytona exits before the race let out...Mom has been caught in that traffic before. Yesterday there was 180,000 people there. Daytona is not very big, it's a major traffic jam.


  13. What a fun adventure you two are having!! We can't wait to hear more stories!!

  14. Ooooh, what an exciting adventure! I'm so glad you are in the Sunshine state. I hope you enjoy FL!

  15. Hi TK!!!
    You all were about 50 miles from us when you were in Fayetteville!!! The brush fires have been very scary. Mom is older than dirt. She said she never remembers there being so many of them in her lifetime. We are glad you made it safely to FL. We look forward to Shuttle pictures.
    TK how long have you had diabetes? My humans sis's cat was just diagnosed with it. As of yesterday, his dosage has been increased to 2 units 2xs a day. His Vet checks him every Wednesday. He also has Irritable Bowel disease so they cannot put him on the special Diabetes foods...
    Madi and Mom

  16. Guys, we watched the launch on tv, and thought of you. It looked like a picture perfect day. Hope you and your Mom had a great experience really being there.